5 Life-Changing Ideas For When You’re Feeling Stuck

Sometimes we are all hungry for change.

Our lives hit a dead end, we can’t find satisfaction in simple everyday actions and most of all, we are not sure where we are heading.

I find such difficult moments to be the most eye-opening and inspiring.

Because it is during the times of trouble or simply non-activity and boredom when we reach both, in and out, to find our direction again. Continue Reading

5 Key Truths About Raising Toddlers To Remember Every Day

Toddler behavior and disciplineToddlerhood can be very exciting, but also extremely challenging time for many moms, myself included.

One day things can go very smoothly while we hit a bumpy road the next.

We’ve all been there.

Getting ready to get out of the house, rushing to put on shoes and coats when all of a sudden our toddler has a meltdown because we didn’t zip up his coat all the way. Such a  “trivial” thing, right?   Continue Reading

Expecting Twins? Overcome These 6 Common Worries And Embrace the Benefits Today

Having twinsAre you expecting twins?

In that case, you have probably already encountered people who have scary stories to tell you.

I sure did.

When I was pregnant with twins many people were very supportive and encouraging. But there were also people, even random people in the grocery store line, who would have yet another scary thing to tell me about having twins. Continue Reading

12 Life Skills for Toddlers: What to Teach Them While They’re Young

Life skills for toddlersAs a mom of two young toddlers, I often wonder what I should teach them next.

Do you know that feeling?

Toddlers seem to learn so fast and with such an ease, that sometimes I feel as if I was not providing enough stimulation for them.

But as much as some people suggest to teach academic skills to toddlers or even babies, I simply can’t wrap my head around it.

With my love and appreciation of an innocent carefree childhood, I would like to give my boys a chance to simply be kids. Continue Reading

Baby Registry Guide: Best Places to Register for Baby

Baby Registry GuideWhere should I register for my baby?

A question every new mom-to-be is looking an answer for.

Today I am going to help you make a decision.


For the sake of helping you find the best baby registry, I am going to present you with the ultimate registry comparison of nine different retailers out there.

This article is a part of my first-time mom series. Make sure you check out my Essential Baby Registry Checklist  and Caring for Your Newborn: 9 Extensive Resources All New Parents Need with all your questions answered!

Here are the results of this ultimate baby registry comparison: Continue Reading

Essential Baby Registry Checklist [free printable pdf]

Essential Baby ReEssential Baby Registry ChecklisAre you a first-time mom-to-be?

Are you wondering where and how to create your first baby registry?

Then you’ve come to the right place!

This article is a part of my first-time mom series. Make sure to check out my ultimate Baby Registry Guide comparisons of 9 different retailers! And then read Caring for Your Newborn: 9 Extensive Resources All New Parents Need.

Continue Reading