Fun letter recognition games for toddlers and preschoolers

Letter recognition games printableIf you have read some of my earlier articles, you are probably familiar with the fact that we are big readers at our house. We’ve been reading to our twins since the very beginning. It is not a surprise then, that at 20 months old they show a great interest in letters, words and reading for themselves (pretend reading to be exact). Therefore I am always on the lookout for fun letter recognition games toddlers can play. Continue Reading

Toddler Quiet Time: How to Keep Toddlers Busy So You Finally Get a Break

Toddler Quiet TimeIf your toddlers are anything like mine, they require a lot of “mommy time”.

Some days seem to be worse than others.

But they all have one thing in common. Toddlers never get tired of spending time with mom!

It doesn’t matter if you need ten minutes to drink your cup of coffee in peace, send the too-long-ignored emails or prepare lunch without tripping over your little one.

We all need a few minutes for ourselves.

But hardly any activity seem to entertain your toddler long enough. Continue Reading

5 Important Things About Raising Toddlers To Remember Every Day

Toddler behavior and disciplineToddlerhood can be very exciting, but also extremely challenging time for many moms, myself included.

One day things can go very smoothly while we hit a bumpy road the next.

We’ve all been there.

Getting ready to get out of the house, rushing to put on shoes and coats when all of a sudden our toddler has a meltdown because we didn’t zip up his coat all the way. Such a  “trivial” thing, right?   Continue Reading

12 Life Skills for Toddlers: What to Teach Them While They’re Young

Life skills for toddlersAs a mom of two young toddlers, I often wonder what I should teach them next.

Do you know that feeling?

Toddlers seem to learn so fast and with such an ease, that sometimes I feel as if I was not providing enough stimulation for them.

But as much as some people suggest to teach academic skills to toddlers or even babies, I simply can’t wrap my head around it.

With my love and appreciation of an innocent carefree childhood, I would like to give my boys a chance to simply be kids. Continue Reading

Toddler Schedule: A Real Life Example [plus tips for creating your own]

Sample Toddler Schedule

Some days with toddlers are super hectic while others are easy and mellow.

But certainly never dull.

Toddlers are quite unpredictable. One moment they are running around happily when a minute later their world seems to be coming to an end.

To help them out to deal with their big emotions, rapid growth and constant need for discovery, it is a good practice to keep a steady rhythm in our children’s day. Continue Reading