5 Different Ways to Potty Train Your Toddler

Toddler Potty TrainingAre you preparing to potty train your toddler?

We are!

For this reason, I’ve been doing some research and reading a lot about different ways to get it done as painlessly as possible.

Here are the best methods I’ve found.

Toddler potty training tips

First things first.

You need to make sure you are ready.

Potty training takes a lot of patience, consistency, and perseverance.

It requires being available to your child when he needs to go, be ready to clean up lots of accidents, possibly change the bed every night for a few days/weeks and so on.

Therefore take your time and do some reading (best sources right in this article!) and plan ahead.

What you need:

  • cleaning products at hand around the house
  • a potty seat
  • new underwear for your toddler
  • a stack of your child’s pants to be easily changed when necessary

Is your toddler ready?

There are several ways to tell if your toddler is ready to be potty trained.

But some parents don’t wait for all of these to be in place, so you don’t have to either (we didn’t!). You’ll be definitely able to tell if you try to toilet train your toddler too soon. In that case, simply stop and wait another month or two.

Here are the signs to tell if your toddler is ready:

  • shows interest in potty/ toilet, flushing etc.
  • likes to sit on his potty seat just for fun
  • when sitting on the potty for practice (without a diaper) he doesn’t try to run away/cry/feel stressed
  • has a dry diaper for longer periods of time
  • knows when he is eliminating and is able to come and tell you when he has a messy diaper
  • uses simple words

Toddler Potty Training

Toddler Potty Training

The 3-day method

I love the How to Potty Train in Three Days article by The Garcia Diaries. Bethany offers a very detailed description of the steps she took with her toddler daughter.

From the night before you start to the third day, you’ll found her advice and tips very clear and easy to follow. Plus you can print a free potty training chart from her website.

Once we are totally ready to potty train our twins (hopefully soon) I am going to try this method first.

Make sure to also check out When Potty Training Doesn’t Work in 3 Days article. Becky offers her pediatrician’s advice after several failed attempts to potty train her child.

Gentle Potty Training

Janine from True Aim Education offers a different solution to potty training. It might take longer than many of us would like to, but in many cases, it is the only way a toddler will learn to use the potty.

Check out her article called The Gentle Potty Training Method if you would like to give it a try.

The Montessori Way

A method of toilet training based on Montessori teaching. I like how Angela at MOMtessori Life describes in great detail how this method works.

You will find do’s & don’ts of Montessori potty training with descriptive instructions.

Potty Training Based on Self-Initiation in 14 Days

Shannon at Growing Slower wrote about a method, which is not based on praise or incentives.

This approach actually teaches your toddler to take responsibility for his own toilet time, it is a more self-directed and sensitive method.

If this sounds something you would prefer, check out her article and the recommended book Oh Crap! Potty Training: Everything Modern Parents Need to Know to Do It Once and Do It Right.

Potty Training at 18 Months

A mom behind Jellibean Journals reveals how she potty trains her young toddlers. This is not a typical potty training method, but a simple list of tips & tricks she uses within a week of toilet training.

Sometimes, all we need is plenty of time and focused attention and our toddlers might pick it up on their own.


There are many methods to teach our toddlers to use the potty. I hope you found these resources helpful and are able to make a decision which suits your family best.

12 thoughts on “5 Different Ways to Potty Train Your Toddler”

    • that is awesome! We have just started potty training one of our twins using the 3-day method. I am very curious to see if it works for him! Thank you for stopping by!

  1. I have tried the 3 days method but unfortunately it didn’t work! but I have found a nice website http://www.parental-love.com with a few guides for parents and one of them is “How to make your child love going potty” – it has worked for my 3 kids like a miracle! good short read with really useful info! the author says exactly what to do step by step! I can recommend it to all parents!

    • I have just finished reading the guide about potty and I think it’s a good one! these tips seems to be great and I have found the answers to all my questions. I can’t really wait to start potty train my daughter!

    • It has been a week since I started to follow “How to make your child love going potty” and we already succeed! I am so happy! Thank you so much for sharing the link Florine 🙂

  2. Another vote for “How to make your child love going potty” guide! It helped me big time! Thanks for sharing the title

  3. I’m quite frustrated with the whole “wait until the child is ready” talk. My son is FOUR years old and is quite content to sit in a wet/dirty diaper! The first time we put underwear on him (Thomas ones that he picked) he peed within 10 minutes! He just sat there wiping his leg like he does if he dribbles water while drinking. 🙄. I also have a two year old daughter who hates being wet or dirty. I need to train them both before our new baby arrives in June. I will be trying ALL these methods until SOMETHING works! Our oldest son (now 6) was stubborn too. He was night trained well before he was day trained. Lord, help me. I’m praying that THIS baby is a girl.

    • I totally get your pain. One of our twins (now three years old) still has accidents and still doesn’t ask to go on his own. But I took his diapers away anyway. What seems to work best for us is to stick with a routine. I sit him on a potty to poop every morning around the same time and most of the times he actually goes. When it comes to pee, I stopped asking him if he wants to go and simply take him, as a matter of fact, to go potty about every hour. I also give him a choice to go in the toilet or a shower. It’s just more fun for boys peeing standing up I suppose. Giving him this choice makes him less resistant too. What helped me most recently were this article from Sleeping should be easy and the Oh, crap! Potty training book. Good luck to you, Donna!

  4. Hi im in process of reading some if these my daughter is 2 yrs old my question is shes not off the bottle yet she drinks out of all kinds of cups sippie too is there something i can read to know what to do i cant just take it away like ive been told to do i just dont know how to go about that without hurting her feelings any kind of advice would be very helpful and THANK YOU SO MUCH
    TINA B


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