Honest Company vs. Dollar Diaper Club: A Brutally Honest Review [we used them both]

Diaper ReviewAre you wondering if subscription diapers are the right move?

Are they worth it? What about the quality?

Then you’ve come to the right place.

I would like to offer you my honest point of view on both companies – the Honest Company and the Dollar Diaper Club (also as DDC for better readability).

Because in the past year and a half, we’ve had a chance to use them both. So it only makes sense I would like to help you to make a decision if to subscribe or not.

*Note: I am NOT compensated for this review by either of the companies. I am not an affiliate to either of them. The opinions are based on my personal experience with both of them.

The Perks

Both companies offer diapers & wipes bundle for the same base price of $79.95.

With the Honest Company, your shipping is free which is awesome (except Alaska and Hawaii).

With Dollar Diaper Club you are going to be charged $5.95 extra for shipping (they don’t ship to Alaska or Hawaii at all).

Plus depending on your state, you’ll pay appropriate taxes with each company.

The amount of diapers changes as your baby grows. The older your child, the fewer diapers per package. This is not an issue at all. We had never run out of diapers during any given month.

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The Diapers

Diaper Review

The opinions about the quality of both companies’ diapers vary enormously.

It really comes down to your priorities.

For us, going with eco-friendly diapers made with less toxic chemicals was important. On top of that, we cared for choosing an option that is at least a little bit better for the planet (common cotton diapers decompose for as long as 100 years).

For those reasons, we were able to tolerate little imperfections.

What I love about the Honest Diapers are the prints (duh!), they are a bit more absorbent in comparison to the Dollar Diaper Club ones. And they offer a tighter fit with more stretchy panel around the waist.

To give you an example, one of our twins gets his diaper extremely wet during the night, even if changed in the middle of it.  With the DDC I would have to change his bedding almost daily because the diaper couldn’t hold it. Once we switched to the Honest diapers, to my surprise, this never occurred.

On the other hand, the Honest diapers seem to run a bit smaller.

Now, our biggest issue with the Honest Diapers transpired about two packs into our first delivery.

Both of my boys developed a terrible rash around their waist. It was obvious this was caused by the diapers. It was not an ordinary diaper rash, but the rash line ran exactly around the waistband. This was very unfortunate because I really liked the diapers.

UPDATE: After the rash cleared, we tried to Honest diapers again (we still have several packs left from the delivery). The rash hasn’t returned. We are starting potty training, however, so hopefully no need for diapers for much longer!

The Wipes

Diaper Review

Both of the wipes are non-toxic as well as fragrance-free and claim to be gentle for sensitive skin.

When our twins were newborns, our little guy’s skin was super sensitive and we had to use the Pampers wipes. They were the only ones that didn’t give him a diaper rash. After a few months, however, he was fine with the DDC wipes.

To be honest, the DDC wipes are not my favorite. We stuck with them because they came with the bundle, but they are a pain to use. They are super thin and stuck together, so you end up pulling like fifty wipes at once. This is really annoying, especially during blowouts.

The Honest wipes are great and we were really satisfied with them.

The Customer Service

The Honest Company has a great web presence. Everything, cancellations included, can be done online. Which is great.

You’ll get to choose your prints too and have an option to switch them around with every new delivery.

With the Dollar Diaper Club, you’ll have to deal through the phone more often than not.

But to be fair, our delivery issues were always 100% solved.

One time during the holiday season, our box got lost in the mail. The DDC sent us a new delivery free of charge and as an apology, we received a Baby Product Bundle for free (shampoo, lotion, diaper cream, and hand soap).

By the way, we loved that product bundle and used it to the last drop.

When you read the Dollar Diaper Club reviews online, most of them are pretty bad. I don’t agree with them for the most part, however.

Most times, people forget to cancel their trial and are charged with an actual diaper bundle delivery. This is absolutely their own fault. But once this happens, you are going to only get more complaints about the company instead of a realistic diaper review. Be aware of such reviews.

Diaper Review

Diaper Review

Tips to make it right

Here a few things that come to my mind to make your diaper delivery service headache-free.

  1. Wait to order the trial until your baby is born. That way you can actually try the diapers on her and see how you like them.
  2. If you choose to try the Honest Company, get a one-time diaper order first before you subscribe to a whole box of diapers. Test out the size, the fit, and possible allergy reaction (it is more common than I’d thought).
  3. Make sure to read the “fine print” and terms of service when signing up. Every subscription company (not just diapers) is automatically going to charge you if you don’t cancel on time. This is your own responsibility.

There is one more option

If you like the idea of diaper delivery service but are not totally sold on either of the companies, choose Amazon Family. If you already have Amazon Prime, this service is free to use.

The best perk is 20% discount on many brand name diapers.
You’ll still receive the convenience of diaper delivery, but you’ll be in charge of what brand you want to give a try.

Final thoughts

Would I choose a diaper subscription service again?


It is the most convenient thing for new parents.

We actually never had to worry about diapers, we always had them. We never had to shop for diaper deals or make a night trip to a store because of running out.

Please, let me know if you have any other questions about our experience. I will be happy to answer them!