Best Homemade Baby Food Recipes: From Purees to Finger Foods

Homemade baby foodThere are tons of baby food options at the stores these days. Why should you even bother to cook your own, right?

While the reasons for making homemade baby food differ from one mom to another, I think we can all agree that we all try our best when it comes to feeding our children.

Whether you feed your baby homemade baby food every day or only have time to do so on the weekends, you’ll find easy and healthy recipes here.

I’ve put together this list of diy baby food recipes from all over the Internet so you don’t have to spend hours searching for the right one. From homemade baby cereal to toddler finger food, I tried to cover it all.

Before you start

I know that many moms like their special baby food equipment, but I don’t think any of it is essentially necessary. If you already have a blender at home, you are all set. To this day I use my tiny Ninja blender and it still serves me great.

The only things you might want to get are storage containers, freezer trays (if that’s what you prefer), or baby food pouches for easy storage in the freezer. You can find some of the most favorite ones below.

Make sure to check out these articles:

Homemade baby food recipes stage 1

Baby Cereal Recipes

1. Oatmeal and Brown Rice cereal recipe from Homemade Ginger is super easy. Cereal is often the first food pediatricians recommend for babies. If you choose to make your own, try this recipe for sure. I used it to make our oatmeal at home and still do at times (even though I don’t grind it as finely anymore).

2. If you want to be more adventurous try to make your own quinoa baby cereal. Quinoa is the best plant-based protein out there and is considered a superfood these days.

Using homemade baby cereal is also a good option for baking first baby snacks later down the road. Instead of using flour, simply use oatmeal or rice cereal you made at home.

Baby Purees Recipes

1. 15 Stage One Baby Purees (That Actually Taste Delicious) offers a variety of flavors for your little one to explore. I love the unusual combinations of veggies and spices. I definitely wouldn’t come up with those on my own. They are worth the try!

2. The Urban Mom Tales blog features a very popular article One hour for One Month’s Worth Homemade Baby Food. Shantall’s approach is very efficient. One afternoon of work (doing dishes included) can feed your baby for one whole month!

3. Kathryn’s articles on baby food are super useful and informative. Make sure to check out her Homemade Baby Food Recipes as well as Homemade Baby Food Combinations for the ultimate combo inspiration.

4. Here is a list of many different purees perfect for stage 1 and stage 2 baby foods. They are very basic, so if you are new to this you will welcome these simple ingredients and flavors.

Homemade baby food

Homemade baby food recipes stage 2

Stage 2 baby food is characterized by thicker consistency, textures, adding different flavors, meat, and yogurt.

When introducing a new food group, take it slowly and only offer a spoonful or two for the first time. For instance, my little guy threw up extremely when we introduced yogurt for the first time. He was able to tolerate it only after he turned one. On the other hand, his twin brother didn’t have any problem with it right from the start. Every child is different, so make sure to take precautions.

For stage 2 baby food you can continue to cook the veggies your baby is already familiar with. Simply make them a bit thicker.

The biggest challenge for me was to make our own meat because I just couldn’t figure out the right texture. It was always too chunky and super bland. For this reason, I made sure to include basic meat recipes in this roundup.


1. Here is an easy recipe for basic chicken puree. This other recipe is a simple baby beef stew.

2. Becky from My sparkling Life has simple recipes for stage 2 baby food made with garden vegetables. On her blog, you can also find a sample baby menu and other fruit and veggie recipes.

3. I loved to feed my babies red lentils. They are fast to cook, taste delicious and great for digestion. Therefore make sure you try this Sweet potato, lentils & apple homemade baby food recipe.

4. A great article from Healthline covers homemade baby food recipes from four-months-old baby to one-year-old toddler. They divided their recipes into groups according to your baby’s age, which is very helpful.

5. Another great source for homemade baby food recipes is an article from Wholesome BabyFood.

Homemade finger foods

Once your baby gets comfortable eating chunkier food, you can introduce small and soft finger foods. I actually did it at around 9 months of age and my boys picked it up quickly. From simple puffs to pancakes, get adventurous and let your baby try as many new foods as possible.

And don’t forget that finger foods can be as simple as small pieces of cooked carrot or bites of cheese.

1. Super easy recipe for baby yogurt bites made from Greek yogurt and fruit purees. Definitely a great finger food idea! If you haven’t introduced dairy to your little one just yet, try these coconut blueberry jigglers instead.

2. As I mentioned earlier, you can use your homemade baby cereal for baking and for cooking other meals as well. Such is the case with this baby pancakes recipe.

3. Does your baby love the store-bought puffs? My boys did, so I found this recipe for homemade baby puffs. It does require a bit of prep time, but at this point, I am sure you are a pro making your own baby food at home!

4. Here is a long list of many different muffin recipes your baby will love. Another breakfast option to try is this banana toast recipe that is super easy to make.

5. If you have been thinking about trying out Goldfish crackers with your almost-toddler, try to make these fish crackers instead. Yes, they take some time to be made, but they are delicious.

Homemade baby food

How to store homemade baby food

As I mentioned earlier there are several methods how to store homemade baby food. The most popular of all is to freeze it, so it lasts for a long time.

The old-fashioned way would be making preserves but that’s a lengthy process for busy moms these days.

Here are a few best articles about storing baby food safely in the freezer and for the longest periods of time.

1. Momtastic’s Wholesome Baby Food offers a very comprehensive guide on how to store homemade baby food with many questions answered.

2. Another good article on freezing and thawing homemade baby food can be found here.

In conclusion

I hope you found this roundup article helpful and are excited to make your own baby food at home.

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