What to Write in your gratitude journal: Gratitude Journal Prompts

Gratitude journal promptsTo be honest, I am not a big fan of gratitude journal prompts.

Why is that?

Because I think this is one thing many people misunderstand about gratitude practice.

The attitude of gratitude, in my opinion, is not about writing endless lists of things we are happy to have in our lives.

It is a matter of changing perspective. It is about being able to see clearly, even the struggles, but choosing to see the benefits of them.

How to practice gratitude

As you sit down to write into your gratitude journal, focus on one or two things that happened recently and what made them good. This might even be a negative experience that in the end turned out for the better.

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Let me give you an example.

One of my toddlers tends to wake up super early in the morning. One time, he woke up before 5 am and kept me awake for the rest of the morning. This can be frustrating at times. But I decided not to let it ruin our day and rather see it from the sunny side. As I was laying in bed with him, trying to make him fall back asleep, I started to hear the morning birds chirping. It made me smile. With the noisy environment of a city life, this happens to be a special occasion. I love the silence and fresh air of mornings and thanks to my own little “early bird” I got to experience it once again.


Something that would otherwise be a frustrating situation can work out in quite the opposite way.

That’s why I don’t think anyone really needs gratitude journal prompts. We all experience different things throughout the day and all we need to do is reflect on them and see them through the gratitude lenses.

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Gratitude Journal Prompts Ideas

But if you still think you would like some inspiration in form of gratitude journal prompts, here are things to focus on when writing a gratitude journal:

1. Your physical body

Imagine what would life be like if all of a sudden you lost your sight or ability to walk. Write how much you appreciate the things that we take for granted way too often.

2. Your home

Even if the house you live in is not dreamy or perfect, remember all the people living in poverty or on the street. The roof above your head, the clean running water, the safety, and shelter of a house are so much to be thankful for.

3. Your spouse/partner

Start with the small things, the obvious and things he/she does every day without ever being noticed. You’ll find that there is so much more to appreciate about your loved one.

4. Your work

Not everybody enjoys their work or career. For many, it is just a way to pay bills. But even if you hate your job, there is a way to look at it with a more positive outlook. What privileges, purchases, bills your work helps you to afford? What is the one work-related thing, no matter how small, that brings you satisfaction? Try to remember all the people that you are helping with what you do, from serving a lunch to keeping track of business purchases, it all matters.

Gratitude journal prompts

5. Your family

Write down what you love about your family members. Even if there are some issues or more difficult relationships, try to find the little things. For instance, find one thing the person has taught you. Maybe thanks to the difficult times together you have learned to be more patient or resilient. Shifting perspective, remember?

6. Your friends

For many of us living thousands of miles away from home, friends become our new family. From always having someone to talk to, to receiving a helping hand in the times of hardship, find the things about your friends you’ll always be grateful for.

7. Your children

In the midst of everyday chaos, tantrums, piles of dirty laundry and messy house it is easy to forget the good things our children bring into our lives. For instance, I’ve personally grown a great bit since becoming a mom. Without my children I would never realize I had so much patience in me, I have absolutely tamed my opinions about parenting and I learned to relax more and enjoy the little things. All of these are good ideas for gratitude journal!

Gratitude journal prompts

8. Your material possessions

We live in the age of abundance. Many people with an average income don’t even realize what a life of plenty they lead. I strongly believe that appreciating what we already have helps us to spend more intentionally and even save us buck or two. Just think of the pantry stacked with food or closet full of clothes, your car that drives you where you need it to or your phone that always keeps you connected. In some ways, you might even have it all already!

9. The natural world

We tend to complain when it gets too hot and then again when it rains for too long. Just recently after many years of drought, California finally received enough rainfall during winter to end the drought condition in most parts. Yes, the winter was exceptionally wet and uncomfortable, but it all served us a great deal. We tend to forget how dependent we are on our land, on the natural environment. Just remember the food we receive from our land, the clean air, the water and so on. Human life simply depends on nature so we should always feel grateful for it.

In conclusion

This list is certainly not extensive, because the options are endless, really.

Our specific circumstances allow us to experience gratitude on a very personal and unique level. Therefore these gratitude journal prompts should solely serve you as a starting point. Once you get a hang of it, you will know exactly what to write into your gratitude journal.

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