How We Got $60 Worth of Children’s Books for Only $5 Last Weekend

classic books kids loveIf you have been following this blog for a while you are probably aware of the fact that we are a bunch of bookworms in our house.

We read numerous times per day with my toddler twins, add new and used books to our collection often and visit our local library at least once per week.

But it didn’t always use to be that way.

I remember as a child, I didn’t enjoy reading for fun or my own entertainment at all.

I read what I needed to for school assignments, occasionally dived into a novel or two throughout the year, but that was it.

Until my sophomore year of high-school.

An exceptional teacher took over our language class and she completely changed my attitude towards reading. Her book list was fun and interesting and the discussions alive and inspiring. All of a sudden I was hooked on reading.

You see, my parents were never too much of readers. Just like me, they would only pick up a book once a year during our summer vacation.

Naturally, I followed their example.

Until I met a better model and someone to look up to as far as love of literature goes.

Thanks to this experience, I became painfully aware of how important the behavior parents model for their children is.

Extremely important.

Therefore I made it my goal to promote and encourage reading right from the start.

And I am not alone.

In the recent years focus on the child’s first five years has become a norm. Non-profits such as First 5 California or Jumpstart enthusiastically promote early literacy and education.


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A call to all parents

If you want your child to succeed in school and beyond if you want her to be able to learn with ease and advance in learning fast, read to her from a very early age and read to her often.

The results will be visible very soon and you will definitely feel encouraged and proud.

Just like I see them with our twins.

Even though we don’t focus on any formal education at their early age (21 months), thanks to reading to them from birth one of our boys is naturally inclined towards letters and words and he is already able to recognize most of the letters of the alphabet. On top of that, both of them are capable of sitting and listening to a book and stay focused until it is finished.

But what makes me happy the most is that they actually love books and reading.

And I am not saying this to brag. I say this to inspire and encourage other moms and dads out there. We are a living proof of how much a simple activity like reading can do for young children.

Where we find affordable children’s books

To support our big reading habit, I am always on the lookout for sales and deals on children’s books.

Earlier this year I wrote an article on all the different places we find free or inexpensive books for kids. Make sure to check it our for useful tips and ideas.

But today I only want to focus on our latest find.

Here’s the story.

Just last weekend all four of us went for a morning run around our neighborhood. As things would have it, it was a nice Saturday morning. The perfect time for summer garage sales, right?

Even though they happen quite often in our neighborhood, I hardly ever go to any.

I have kind of weird sentiments about garage sales. I always feel rather awkward going through other people’s stuff right in front of them, you know? It’s just not my cup of tea, to be honest.

But this last one I couldn’t miss.

When we walked right by my neighbors’ front yard, my eyes landed on boxes and boxes of books and a big full bookshelf of them as well!

I was so thrilled I couldn’t help but go for it. And I am very happy I did.

Their children have outgrown many of the books we are actually in the market for right now.

So we ended up with nine great books for my boys, many of them looking brand new.

And instead of paying a full price in a store or paying for shipping with Amazon, we only spent five bucks total for nine amazing books from our favorite authors.

Here is what we bought:

We all know how expensive books can get. When I actually looked up original prices, we would end up paying over $60 if we bought them brand new. But spending just $5 for gently used books is a steal if you ask me.

And I can happily report that we have already read all of them, many of them several times and Room on the Broom becoming our current favorite.

Classic books kids

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