Toddler toys for boys you will totally want to play with too

Toddler toys for boysAs we are approaching our twin boys’ second birthday, we’ve been intensely looking for the best toddler toys for boys out there.

My experience of working in a classroom setting has really opened up my eyes to all sorts of different toys and materials.

Each daycare and preschool classroom is usually divided into separate areas of learning: pretend play, art corner, reading area, building station, puzzles, etc.  It is very exciting to watch children’s engagement in each area.

Learning through play at its best!

But we don’t need to create classrooms in our homes in order to meet the needs of our young children’s growing minds.

My point is this.

When choosing toys for our little ones or gifts for our friend’s kids, it is smart to remember all the different areas of child’s development (gross and fine motor, social and emotional, communication and language, cognitive and self-help skills).

That way a child can receive a variety of toys that stimulate her whole body and mind, not just one particular area over and over again.


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For instance, I am obsessed with books. Like BIG time. If it was up to me, we would be reading all day long at our house. But I am very much aware that my kids also need other kinds of experiences than just a language overload!

Therefore we strive to keep as much balance as possible in our twins’ toy library.

Here is a list of toys we are planning to buy for our boys’ second birthday.

Certainly, we are not going to buy all of them! But I like to have multiple options and back up ideas for birthday parties and Christmas shopping this year.

Toddler toys for boys

Best Toddler Toys for Boys Wishlist

Melissa & Doug Tool Set

Toddler toys for boys
I have recently bought this Melissa & Doug Tool Set for my toddler nephew. And he totally loves it! He is a high-energy toddler and surprisingly the many screws and bolts are able to keep him busy and interested for periods of time. This toy definitely belongs to top 10 toys for toddlers!


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Radio Flyer Tricycle

Toddler toys for boys

Our toddlers are finally big enough for their first tricycle. One of them has been scooting on his train push toy for quite some time now and he is definitely ready for a big boy upgrade. We are definitely getting two of these, so there is no room for arguments whose turn it is! Plus I love the parent’s handle on this one to keep them safe before they master the speed and direction.

Magnetic Tiles

Toddler toys for boys

These magnetic tiles are always extremely popular with kids. From toddlers to preschoolers, kids just love them. They are good not only for fine motor skills but also for developing critical thinking and spatial reasoning.

Mosaic Pegboard

Toddler toys for boys

We have recently received a similar toy for our boys from our friends in Europe. And they play with it every single day. Even though we already have it, I felt like I had to spread the word about these (I personally never heard of them before). This mosaic pegboard is good for learning colors as well as improving fine motor skills. But most of all this toy is fun to play with!

A wooden train set

Toddler toys for boys

When visiting family, our boys had a chance to play with magnetic train set just like this one. And they wouldn’t let go of the train cars for days! I think 2-years-old is a little too young for a full train set, but these magnetic train cars with an engine are a great first step.


The Learning Journey Puzzles

Toddler toys for boys

These puzzles are good for little toddlers who are only learning to put pieces together. This set, in particular, starts with only a two-piece puzzle and advances to an eight-piece one. Great learning toy!

Lacing beads

Toddler toys for boys

We’ve had several opportunities to play with big and small beads during our toddler group. And our twins enjoyed beading very much. There are so many benefits of beading that these lacing beads absolutely belong into every toddler toy library. Playing with lacing beads improves grasping, hand-eye coordination, visual perception and more. Lacing is also an important pre-activity to being able to tie one’s shoes or button-up a shirt.

A Fire Truck

Toddler toys for boys


My boys love fire trucks. Every time they hear one go by, their eyes light up and they make the cutest siren sound. For this reason, a toy fire truck is on my toddler toys for boys’ list as well. I found this cute one from Green Toys and I am sure every toddler will love it.

No Mess Dot Markers

Toddler toys for boys

If you are only at the beginning of arts & crafts adventures (just like we are), these markers seem easy and fun to use. There are so many ways to use them too. I can’t wait to see the creations we are going to come up with!

But keep in mind to always supervise your toddler with them. Without supervision, my boys would probably just end up sucking the paint out most of the time!

Arts & crafts table

Toddler toys for boys

Well, not technically a toy, but definitely a must-buy for every family with young children. We are so in need for one of these. Our boys love playing with playdough, plus we have started to do more painting and drawing as well. So a nice play table is a must. This particular table is from IKEA. It is available on Amazon as well, but it costs twice as much! So do your research before making a purchase.

Wooden Block Puzzles

Toddler toys for boys

I remember I used to love block puzzles as a child. The images on these puzzles are simple enough to avoid too much frustration while playing. Our boys are obsessed with cars and trucks right now so these will keep them interested for sure.

Bath Toys

Toddler toys for boys

Bath time still hasn’t lost its charm at our house, but once it does I will be prepared! I’ve heard only good things about these building bath pipes and they definitely look like a lot of fun too!

Hand Puppets

Toddler toys for boys

When our boys were just babies, some of our favorite reading props used to be finger puppets. Now that they are older, I believe these Melissa & Doug hand puppets will be a better fit. Playing with puppets is a perfect fit for two-year-olds because they stimulate their expressive language skills. We already have one enthusiastic talker, so now it’s time to encourage his brother too.

Musical Toys

Toddler toys for boys

We tend to listen to music, but often forget to include making music as well. Young children like strong rhythms and action-accompanied songs. Let’s give them an opportunity to move around and make some noise with these musical instruments.


Toddler toys for boys

Because we have recently bought nine great books for our boys, I was not planning to buy any more for their birthday. But then I remembered Press Here and I had to add it to my list. This book is simply brilliant and I can’t wait to read it with my boys.

Final Thoughts

What do you think about my list of toddler toys for boys? Do you already have any of these toys? If so, how does your little one like them? I would love to hear some feedback on them for sure. Let me know in the comments!


Toddler toys for boys

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