A small help to make prayer your daily priority

I have not been raised in a faith-filled home. Far from it. Our family never prayed together or read Bible together. Christianity was more of a tradition than the center of our lives. And maybe exactly for these reasons, I’ve always struggled with my faith. And I still do, on many occasions.

christian printable art wall decor

But God has blessed me in so many ways and heard so many of my prayers, that turning my back to Him is not an option.

My prayer practice

One thing that I have learned to do quite well, however, is to simply pray.

In my prayers, I give thanks and count my blessings first and foremost. I pray for my loved ones and I also bring to Him my struggles and worries.

But as life would have it, some days I find this easier than on others.

And boy, I can tell the difference!

When I don’t pray for a long time, I start to feel like I am sinking. Nothing seems to make sense and I start to carry the weight of the world on my shoulders.

If you have an existing prayer life, you probably notice this too.

For this very reason, this Christian printable art wall decor came to be.

My prayer reminder wall print

One morning I was brushing my teeth and this sentence popped up in my head.

“First pray, then go about your day!” 

I heard it loud and clear.

This was quite puzzling to me because making up rhymes is not exactly my forte.

But the message was clear.

At our house, mornings get very busy, chaotic even. Because I tend to work late into the night and my boys wake up super early, prayer is not usually on my mind the first thing in the morning.

But to remind myself the importance of it, I had to put this idea into a printable wall decor.

So I did.

Now when I wake up I remember what to do first.

How to download the free printable Christian art wall decor

Does my story sound familiar? Do you need a small reminder here and there for leading a better prayer life?

Then please, download, print, and frame this Christian printable art wall decor for yourself!

It makes me very happy to share it with you!

To download, just click on the image below and save/print the .pdf.

It’s that easy!

christian printable art wall decor

christian printable art wall decor

This Christian printable art wall decor is for personal use only. You may not alter or redistribute it without a written permission first.

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