Here you can find links to useful resources (websites, books, stores, etc.) to learn more about your child’s development. They are my favorite places to go to search for information and products.



Janet Lansbury – once I found her book No Bad Kids: Toddler Discipline Without Shame I was hooked. It is the perfect paretning style that fits our family. It calls for setting boundaries and discipline, but respectfully and without drama. I absolutely recommend checking our her blog and reading the book if you find yourself struggling with disciplining your children. Her method works from day 1!

Screen Free Parenting – is a wonderful project that brings childhood back to basics. If you are willing to give it a try, you will see amazing changes in your kids and ways your family spends time together.

Baby Sleep Site – helped us tremendously when we were sleep training our twins. We used their advice and our twins are good sleepers and nappers to this day.



Early Moments – is a book subscription service that we used for several months. We received many great children’s books for a very low cost. Many of them became my boys’ favorites. And with their no obligation policy they are  definitely worth a try!

Scholastic – We love this publishing company. Many of our favorite books come from them. You can find books for every age group there, plus they offer free printables and activities as well.

Gryphon House – an absolutely amazing site for parents and teachers and everybody interested in early childhood development. Find free activities, free webinars, books, and ton of useful articles!

Amazon – obviously! But here’s a tip. Buy used books for almost next-to-nothing. I have bought many of my boys’ books for 1¢ and only paid for shipping! It is a great option!




Healthy Child Healthy World– is a branch of EWG (see below)  with a primary focus on children’ s health. They offer a ton of educational resources, so parents and caregivers can make informed decisions to protect the health and development of our most precious resource—our children.

Environmental Working Group –  is a non-profit organization with a goal to protect human health and environment. They rely heavily on the latest scientific research and work hard to inform the public about chemicals in our food, cosmetics, products, and everywhere else. Super informative!

Eat right – is a website managed by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. It is the world’s largest organization of food and nutrition professionals. find information not only about children’s diet but something useful for the whole family.




Bilingual Family Newsletter – Even though this newsletter is no longer being published, you can access archives of all their articles.

Multilingual Children – Useful website with lots of information if you are just starting out your bilingual journey.

Multilingual Books – more than a bookstore. They offer products for even less popular languages.

Mantra Lingua – another great bookstore with products in 63 languages!

Songs for Teaching – a website that offers songs and music for school subjects, including languages.

Waldorf Schools – Waldorf education supports teaching two languages in elementary school.

Center for Applied Linguistics – lots of latest news and studies about bilingualism.



In this section, I’ve listed some toy companies that sell educational and growth-stimulating toys and equipment. Some of them are less-known and can serve you as an alternative to mainstream brands. I have used their products personally (at work or at home) and know the quality of their work.

Lakeshore Learning – Lakeshore is a company widely used by schools. Not only they sell educational toys, materials, and equipment, but they are great resources for free printables and activities you can do at home with your child.

Melissa & Doug – They have a good selection of classic wooden toys that we like to buy for our boys. You can shop categories by age, toys, theme, price, skills or special needs. They have a nice informative blog that I enjoy reading as well.

eBeanStalk – is another online retailer that carries different alternative and mainstream toy brands. You can shop by brand, age or milestones for your child. Their selection is huge and covers all the areas of child’s development.

Manhattan Toy Company – I adore their store and products! If you want out-of-a-box kind of toys for your children, this is the place to shop!

Etsy – of course! So many beautiful, hand-made, one-of-a-kind toys to be found there! We love Etsy.



American Speech-Language-Hearing Association – great information about early speech development.

National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders – besides early signs of possible deafness, learn about language and speech developmental milestones, speech delay or baby’s hearing development.

First Years – this specific page has a very thorough chart with development milestones birth to 8 years old.

First 5 California -provides brain development information, activity suggestions, and support resources to help parent’s of children 5 and under. – is a website under American Academy of Pediatrics. They have a ton of useful information about every topic related to healthy development. Speech and language included!


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