Adorable Christmas Gift Tags Your Children Will Love

Printable Christmas tagsThe holidays are closer than many of us think. So instead of leaving everything for the last minute, let’s plan ahead of time. One of my very first Christmas gifts to you are these free printable Christmas tags for children’s gifts.

And more are underway! 

I love the holiday season. If it was totally up to me, I would be designing Christmas items all year round, lol. Actually, now that I think about it, maybe I will (just kidding).

Ehm, where was I?

So, if you love to give a personal and unique touch to your gifts, these printable Christmas tags are perfect for you.

The first batch is for children’s gifts. As I mentioned earlier, more are definitely coming. So make sure to check them out!


If your child loves winter and snow, make sure to get my free printable dress-a-snowman game and Christmas silhouettes for all the crafty ideas you have this year. 


printable christmas tags

Download your free printable Christmas tags for gifts here

In the first printable Christmas tags download, you’ll get six super cute designs.

I created these specifically with children in mind.

To download, simply click on the image below and save your .pdf file.

printable christmas tags

Please, just keep in mind, these are for personal use only. I work very hard to provide free printables on my site. Altering, copying, and redistribution are not allowed without my written permission.   

printable christmas tags

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