Cut and paste worksheets

Free printable cut and paste worksheets and activities for preschool and kindergarten students!

In my efforts to better organize all the printables here on Planes&Balloons, I put together this list of all the cut and paste worksheets created so far.

You will find activities such as cut and paste letters, CVC words, numbers, shapes, pictures, puzzles, and more.

Each link will take you to the article where you can download the printables for free.

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Cut and paste alphabet And Words

In this section, you will find worksheets and activities to practice upper and lower case letters, CVC words, and phonics.

Children will use their scissor skills to cut and paste the letters of the alphabet in the correct order, match words and sounds.

SCissor skills workbook

Enjoy some fun cut and paste and scissor skills activities with your children and students!

This 30-page printable book is fun any time of the year.

Cut and paste numbers

Preschoolers will not only practice their fine motor skills but also number recognition and number order with these cut and paste numbers worksheets!

Cut and paste shapes

Children will learn to identify basic shapes with these simple cut and paste shapes worksheets.

Cut and paste puzzles

Below you’ll find all of my number order puzzles, some of the few printables in color on Planes&Balloons.

They can be easily used as cut and paste activity if you don’t plan on laminating them. Most of the puzzles include empty grids where children can paste the puzzle pieces.

Cut and paste pictures

These are some of the most popular worksheets here on Planes&Balloons.

The design is very simple – most pictures are split into two or three pieces and children need to cut and match them together. Easy and fun!

More cut and paste worksheets

Here you will find cut and paste worksheets for various topics – sorting, comparing, learning about days and months, and more.

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