Alphabet worksheets for preschool and kindergarten

Letters of the alphabet are one of the very first academic skills that young learners tend to master.

We’ve all heard little 2 and 3-year-olds follow along the ABC song, right?

Many early childhood toys and activities also include letters of the alphabet, so children are exposed to them from early on.

If you would like to introduce more formal learning, however, using some or all of these alphabet worksheets and printables can help you do just that!

Your preschool or kindergarten kids will benefit from these alphabet activities in many ways.

Besides letter recognition, children will also build their pre-writing skills, scissor skills, attention to detail, pencil grip, and more!

A-Z alphabet worksheets and printables

alphabet worksheets a-z

The collection of alphabet worksheets includes activities such as:

  • Letter recognition
  • Capital and lowercase letter match
  • Cut and paste alphabet worksheets
  • ABC coloring pages
  • Alphabet tracing worksheets
  • Color by letters
  • Missing letters worksheets

Choose the activities that best suit your child’s skills at the moment and come back for more later.

Children who are just starting out will enjoy activities such as spot and dot letters.

Older children might need extra practice with writing letters, whether in upper or lowercase.

All of the printables are free and ready to go. Easy on you and fun for your little ones!

Below you’ll find a gallery of all the best alphabet worksheets articles from around Planes & Balloons.

Feel free to bookmark the page so you can easily find it later when you need more worksheets.

Now let’s take a look:

All of these alphabet worksheets are suitable for pre-k children as well as kindergarten students.

Teachers might find them helpful in the classroom for extra work or even as handouts for homework.

And parents will like the printables during the weekends or for times when school is on break.