Cut and paste worksheets for preschool

What’s inside: Free printable cut and paste worksheets for preschool scissor skills.

Cut and paste worksheets for preschool

My preschoolers enjoy any cut and paste activity these days. Whether it’s cutting up old magazines or construction paper for our crafts, they are all about it.

So, to promote this fine motor skill even further, I decided to create these fun cut and paste preschool worksheets.

Preschoolers will enjoy cutting out and pasting pictures they normally encounter in books or see in their favorite shows.

They will be a perfect addition to cutting skills practice in preschool!

And now you get my fun and colorful Scissor skills activity book for ONLY $1!

Preschool cut and paste printable pdf worksheets

In this set of printable preschool worksheets, I focused on topics close to a preschooler’s heart. Therefore my cut and paste activities contain images of different cars, animals, bugs, flowers, dinosaurs, and more.

And a bonus is that they all can be colored too!

What’s included in my cutting worksheets

There is a total of seven simple activity sheets included.

  • cut and paste animals
  • cut and paste vehicles
  • cut and paste dinosaurs
  • cut and paste bugs
  • cut and paste fruits
  • cut and paste flowers
  • cut and paste balls

What you’ll need:

  • printer and paper
  • safety scissors (we use these)
  • glue stick
  • crayons or markers

If your preschooler is just starting out with scissors, you might want to help him with cutting out the pieces. Show him how to hold the scissors correctly and teach him the typical movement “open-close-open-close”.

Then let him find and match the pieces together.

Older preschoolers will be able to finish this activity independently.

My kids usually finish two pages at a time and we leave the rest for another day. See what works best for you and your child.

You may want to use these worksheets during center time in the classroom or as a fun independent activity at home.

And they are so universal, that they can even complement common preschool lessons throughout the year.

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Get your cut and paste preschool worksheets here

If you are in need of quick and ready-to-go printables, then make sure to check out my other worksheets and printables as well!

To download, simply click on the link at the very bottom of the post to download your pdf. No sign-up required.


cut and paste printable worksheets
cut and paste worksheets preschool

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cut and paste worksheets
cut and paste worksheets

My cut and paste printable worksheets are for personal and classroom use only. Any redistribution or altering is not allowed. Thank you!

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  1. WOW, love your website! So excited to have found it! I homeschool my two older kids (8 and 10) and send my 4-year-old to pre-k 3 days a week, but I am going to be using your site to keep him busy on his off days! He is really enjoy these cut and paste worksheets right now! Thank you!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing these worksheets! I bought a preschool program that has a lot of worksheets to print, but often find i need to search for more to tailor a curriculum for my 4 year old. your worksheets have been amazing!

  3. Thank you for sharing these “cut and paste” activities! I’m working with a family of 3 children aged 4, 6 & 12 and these are perfect for the preschooler. Much appreciated!


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