Free Printable Kindergarten Worksheets Pdf

Are you looking for free printable worksheets for kindergarten? Then you’ve come to the right place! Here, on Planes & Balloons, we offer a variety of kindergarten worksheets that help with language arts and math lesson plans– teaching letters and letter sounds, numbers, shapes, counting, phonics, and sight words, but also puzzles, fine motor activities and so much more!


Letter recognition, including tracing and writing the ABCs.

More math

Worksheets to practice word problems, sorting, or size comparison.

Language arts

Great printables for expanding vocabulary, and reading and writing practice.

Numbers icon


Reading, writing, and counting numbers 1-100.

Patterns icon


Teach basic patterns including AB, ABB, ABC, and more!


Shape worksheets for teaching 2d and some 3d shapes in kindergarten.

Sight words "the" icon

Sight words

Fun exercises to practice sight words with your kids!

Phonics icon


Letter sounds, CVC words, and other fun worksheets.

Addition & Subtraction

Simple addition and subtraction activities for kindergarten.

Ten frames icon

Ten frames

Kindergarten math worksheets for teaching ten frames.

Activities icon


Free printable activities like puzzles and I spy worksheets for fun!

Kindergarten summer review pages

Summer review After Kindergarten

A fantastic bundle full of summer learning for your rising first grader! 120 pages of fun math, reading, and writing activities for the long summer break.

Kindergarten worksheets free printable pdf with text overlay

Kindergarten printable packets

Enjoy bundles of worksheets in these printable packets for kindergarten. You will find multiple worksheets in one PDF download!

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