Free Printable Worksheets For Kindergarten

Here is a list of all free printable worksheets for kindergarten you can find on Planes & Balloons. All in one place.

You will find worksheets that help with language arts and math curriculum teaching letters, numbers, shapes, counting, phonics, sight words, but also puzzles, fine motor activities and so much more!

free printable worksheets for kindergarten

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What should my kindergartener know?

Not long ago the Common Core curriculum was introduced. I’ve been using it as my guideline to what topics I cover within my printable kindergarten worksheets.

To give you a quick overview, here are some of the biggest milestones covered in kindergarten math curriculum:

  1. count from 1-100 by ones and by tens
  2. comfortably add and subtract within 10
  3. write numbers up to 20
  4. compare groups of objects in terms of more, less, equal
  5. decompose numbers 11-19 into ones and tens 
  6. classify and categorize objects by common attributes
  7. name and manipulate basic geometric shapes

When it comes to English language, we need to focus on the following:

  1. name and print upper and lower case letters
  2. form regular plural nouns
  3. understand and use questions, common words, and prepositions
  4. spell simple words phonetically
  5. sort objects into categories
  6. build and expand common vocabulary
  7. understand basic synonyms

kindergarten worksheets

My free kindergarten worksheets cover several areas of learning, with a focus on basic math, English, and writing skills. Some are full of color and illustrations, others are simple in order to avoid distraction.

In my kindergarten math worksheets, you’ll find topics such as learning numbers, counting, making patterns, measurement, addition and subtraction, basic shapes, and more.

The English worksheets include activity sheets perfect for teaching the alphabet, sight words, upper and lowercase letters, beginning sounds, and more.

You’ll also find a variety of activities to practice handwriting, fine motor skills, critical thinking, and even coloring pages.

free printable worksheets for kindergarten

Kindergarten alphabet worksheets FREE

Children will work on their upper and lowercase letter recognition, letter tracing and handwriting, and other fun activities and printables.

If you want a detailed look at all of my alphabet worksheets, make sure to check them out here.

Missing uppercase alphabet worksheet
Lowercase alphabet letters to color
Candy cane lane missing letters alphabet worksheet
Halloween color by lowercase letter worksheets
spot and dot letter worksheets
alphabet coloring book free pdf
ABC color by number
Summer missing letters worksheets kindergarten

Kindergarten English and language arts worksheets

This section includes phonics and CVC words activities. You will also find Dolch sight words for kindergarten printables – all 52 words.

Phonics & CVC words

Sight words

missing vowels words worksheet with pictures
Color by the day of the week worksheet

Kindergarten math worksheets PDF

These worksheets include learning with ten frames, addition and subtraction, place value and fact families, geometry, size comparison, and more.


spot and dot shapes free printable
3d shapes worksheets kindergarten
Tracing shapes worksheet

Addition and subtraction

addition to 10 kindergarten worksheets
Gingerbread man addition
addition to 10 worksheets


Telling time

Easter I spy and graph


Kindergarten counting worksheets

Teach counting to 10 and 20 with these free printable worksheets!

Count & Color

Counting backward from 100 to1
count and match pictures and numbers up to 20

Counting with Ten frames

Number worksheets for kindergarten

Kindergarteners will work on their numbers 1-10 and numbers 1-20 but also working all the way up to 100.

You will find activities such as dot-to-dots, spot and dot numbers, color by number, number order puzzles, missing numbers, and more!

Number recognition & Number Sense

Number charts & number lines

Number order & missing numbers

Color by number worksheets

Connect the dots

Number order puzzles

Writing numbers

Ten frames

Writing and fine motor skills worksheets

Help your students or kids with their fine motor skills with these tracing, writing, and cutting worksheets.

Tracing & writing

Fine motor skills

Kindergarten printable packets and activities

Free Worksheets organized by skill:

Alphabet worksheets A to Z
Shapes worksheets
Addition and subtraction worksheets
Cut and paste worksheets
Free tracing worksheets
Numbers and counting worksheets
Sight words worksheets

And please remember, all of my worksheets and activities are for personal or classroom use only. Please, do not re-distribute, re-sell, link directly to download pages, or alter them in any way. Thank you!