Outer space learning binder for preschool

In this article, you’ll find a totally free preschool space activities learning binder!

It is finally here! My preschool space activities binder I’ve been working on for the past few weeks.

If you’ve been looking for high-quality preschool space theme printables then this learning binder won’t disappoint you.

Children will learn their first facts about outer space and our solar system. And additionally, they’ll work on the typical preschool skills – counting, comparing, tracing, matching, sorting, and more.

Worksheets with planets

Preschool space activities binder

If you have never heard of Here we are: Notes for living on planet Earth, I highly recommend you get this book for your children.

My kids and I were totally blown away by this book. And so is everybody else who gets to read it with us.

Thanks to this book one of my boys fell in love with space. And that’s the reason I decided to create this outer space activity binder. To further his interest.

So whether you’re trying to teach the solar system to your preschoolers or simply want to add some space-themed printables to your lesson plan, this binder will serve you well.

Preschoolers will work on these skills:

  • matching and comparing
  • tracing numbers, lines, and circles
  • sorting by day and night
  • patterns
  • puzzles
  • counting up to 12
  • ordering by size

Each activity is based on a simple space fact easy enough to understand by preschoolers.

That’s why it’s important you go through these preschool activities with them first. Depending on your child’s interest, you can always talk more about each page.

And don’t worry if you don’t have all the space facts in place. There are many great websites about space for kids I will briefly mention at the end of this post.

Make the outer space learning binder for preschoolers

What you’ll need:

  • paper and printer
  • laminator (optional)
  • scissors
  • hook and loop fasteners/tape
  • binder or folder

The activities are most suitable for children between 3 to 5 years old.

You can choose to make a learning binder with laminated pages or simply print out the pages and use them as worksheets.

But I think it’s definitely worth it to make the binder even though it requires some prep time.

That way your children can play and learn over and over again!

Feel free to use it in your preschool class or at home.

To download, go to the bottom of this page and click the download button.

Outer space activities for preschoolers

Here, you can have a peek at all the activities included in this printable bundle.

Planets shadow matching

Shadow matching is a great activity for visual discrimination. It is often used in occupational therapy too.

space learning binder

Tracing the orbits

Tracing circles is a good pre-writing activity for preschoolers. Simply attach a dry-erase marker to the binder or let your child use washable markers (that’s what I prefer).

tracing the orbits

Day and night sorting

You can build on this activity and talk more about the daily rhythm and routines. Have your child come up with other day/night activities.

space learning activities

The Moon puzzle

There is a grid attached to help with the puzzle. Feel free to skip it if you think your child can build it without help.

the Moon puzzle

Rocket launch countdown

Build a rocket puzzle

Ordering planets by size

You might also like my Big and small worksheets for preschoolers.

Counting stars 1 to 12

Use this activity for learning numbers 1 to 12. But you can always make it into a skip counting game or missing numbers game.

Just add some numbers and skip others and let your child place the rest incorrectly.

Outer space patterns

Tracing lines

And as I mentioned earlier, you might like these websites for kids dedicated to space and to learn about the solar system:

I really hope your children will enjoy this space theme activity binder!

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