Letter Tracing Worksheets

Trace uppercase and lowercase letters and color pictures with these letter tracing worksheets!

Help your children get a solid start in handwriting with these letter tracing worksheets!

I’ve worked on the alphabet tracing collection for a few months now and at last, it’s finally finished!

So check out all the letters and grab the printables below.

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Alphabet tracE Worksheets

Tracing letters is a good start to learning how to form and write letters and words, also known as letter formation.

Tracing pictures and letters can help children with learning the proper pencil grasp, making those small hand muscles stronger, and developing fine motor skills.

While tracing the alphabet, children practice letter recognition in both – upper and lowercase and with the help of a teacher or parent, they will start learning the correct letter formation, too.

Letter tracing worksheets scattered on pink background with text overlay

Tracing letters A – Z

Letter tracing is quite a simple yet fun activity that helps preschoolers and kindergarteners gain confidence in their academic skills.

Just see how proud your little one is once he/she is finished with the worksheet! If they’re just starting out, make it a big deal! You can put the page on your refrigerator for everyone to see and motivate them to keep learning.

So grab these worksheets to have letter tracing activities at hand any time of the day. And remember, you can always print them over and over again until your child masters each letter.

Free letter tracing worksheets

If you prefer the free version of the letter tracing worksheets, then download all the alphabet trace worksheets here:

And you can download each individual letter to trace here, too! Just pick and choose the letters you need.

Please, remember, these printables are for personal and classroom use ONLY. Do not redistribute or resell them in any way. By downloading, you agree to these terms and conditions. Thank you.

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