Free printable shapes worksheets – coloring pages and tracing shapes

Free printable shapes worksheetsI am super excited to share these free printable shapes worksheets with you today.

They are quick and easy learning shapes activities that your little one can do this summer.


Don’t miss these Shapes and their names practice sheets! And then download my free alphabet practice worksheets as well. 

Whether your child is only at the very beginning of learning shapes or already has some knowledge, these learning shapes printables are fun and playful. Just let her color in the different shapes, search & find, look for two matching shapes or trace the dots.

Simply click on the image to download your free printable shapes worksheets PDF.


Learning shapes printables

Free printable shapes worksheets

Print these worksheets one at a time or all at once and have numerous learning shapes activities ready. Let your child play around with them, choose her own colors to color them in, etc. Let her have fun and don’t worry if she doesn’t find all the right answers. You can always come back and print them out again.


Free printable shapes worksheets


Shapes coloring pages pdf

Tracing shapes worksheets pdf

These basic shapes tracing activities are large and easy enough for preschoolers or even older toddlers.

Free printable shapes worksheets

Free printable shapes worksheets

Free printable shapes worksheets

Free printable shapes worksheetsFree printable shapes worksheets



Free printable shapes worksheets

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