Sight words worksheets

Free printable sight words worksheets and activities for preschool, kindergarten, and first grade.

Below you will find all the sight words worksheets and printables from around Planes&Balloons.

Whether you have a preschooler at home who is just starting to read their first words or a beginner reader, sight words are a great way to encourage their efforts!

Sight words worksheets printable - pages of worksheets on orange background

Teaching sight words helps promote literacy as well as reading and spelling fluency in later grades.

All the worksheets and activities below are designed around the Dolch sight words list, which includes the most common 315 words in English language (220 “service” words and 95 nouns).

Sight words are divided into groups for each grade, so children can build their high frequency words vocabulary continuously.

So far, I’ve created activities and sight words worksheets for grades pre-k to grade 1. And I keep making new ones, so make sure to come back and get more of my free printables.

Preschool Sight Words Worksheets

My preschool sight words worksheets include all 40 so-called pre-primer sight words. Children will play find & color game, learn with sight words flash cards, or make art with sight words coloring pages.

Pre-primer sight words checklist
pre-primer sight words flash cards eight cards per page
Sight words sentences worksheets for preschool kids - worksheets on a green background
Dolch pre-primer sight words pages to color

Kindergarten Sight Words Worksheets

These kindergarten sight words worksheets include activities such as sigh word search, spot, and color sight words, sight words scramble, and more. Kindergarten students will practice their 52 sight words from the Dolch list.

sight words worksheets
Christmas sight words

First Grade Sight Words Worksheets

I have only recently added first grade worksheets to this site, so expect my list of grade 1 sight words to grow in the future. For now, here are a few of Dolch sight words activities for first grade (41 sight words).

Sight word scramble Grade 1 worksheet
Dice game to teach sight words in grade 1

For tips and tricks on how to teach sight words to young learners, read this on-point Scholastic article.

Sight words worksheets pdf - pages of worksheets on orange background

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