Sequencing worksheets for preschool

Free printable sequencing cut and paste worksheets for preschoolers!

Your preschoolers will have lots of fun with these cut and paste sequencing worksheets!

They will practice their fine motor skills as well as thinking skills, both important for school readiness.

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Free sequencing cut and paste worksheets

Picture sequencing is fun! It helps children develop thinking skills as well as early reading skills.

In this cut and paste printable, children will order events in three steps. What happens first, next and last.

You can discuss each short story together so your child can practice re-telling a story.

You will find a total of six pages in this sequencing pdf packet.

Children will order events such as how we make a smoothie or paint a picture.

To download, follow the download link at the end of this article.


Free printable picture sequencing worksheets

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