Fall I spy and graph

Free printable I spy and graph activity for fall.

Another fall printable activity is here!

This time I created this fun I spy worksheets. Plus kids can practice graphing as well!

For more I spy printables, download my I spy snowflakes too!

Fall I spy worksheets on yellow background with pink text overlay

Fall I spy printable activity

This activity is perfect to practice counting 1 to 10.

Children will play the I spy game while practicing their numbers as well!

They will count and write the numbers as well as learn to graph the results.

The graph is optional of course and more suitable for older children such as kindergarten and beyond.

And kids can color the pictures for fun as well!

To download, just go to the end of this article.


Fall I spy printables on yellow bacgkround with a girl clipart

Free I spy printables PDF

I spy printables with fall pictures of leaves, mushrooms, pumpkins and more
I spy and graph worksheets

Please, remember, these I spy printables are for personal and classroom use only. Thank you!

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