Letter h Tracing

Grab a free copy of these letter H tracing worksheets for your students to practice their letter formation!

Add this set of worksheets to your teaching toolbox and have your children practice the upper and lowercase letter H.

Not only they’ll get to trace a plentiful of letters, but they’ll also enjoy coloring cute pictures of a hedgehog and hearts.

Letter H tracing pages

Letter H Tracing Pages Free Printable

As in the previous worksheets in this letter tracing series, you will find two pages within the PDF.

One page is fully dedicated to the uppercase letter H.

And as you probably guessed by now, the second page is full of lowercase letters to trace.

For your convenience, each worksheet includes grey letters and dashed letters. And a fun picture to color, too!

These letter tracing worksheets are a good way to practice fine motor skills and letter formation at the same time.

Include them in your preschool or kindergarten curriculum or easily send them home with kids for school break review.

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Letter H Tracing Pages

Learning how to write can be tricky for some children. So giving them plenty of opportunities to trace and sort of test the waters is a good idea.

You might want to laminate the tracing pages and have your students practice multiple times over the course of a few weeks.

And don’t forget, there are many tracing activities here on Planes & Balloons. So make sure to look around and download as many worksheets as you will!

You’ll find printable for tracing lines, pictures, shapes, numbers, and more letters too!

To download these letter h tracing pages, just go to the end of this article and grab the PDF there.


“H” Tracing Worksheets

Here you can take a closer look at the worksheets included in this set.

Uppercase letter H tracing worksheet
Lowercase letter h tracing worksheet