Letter J Tracing

Grab another set of letter tracing worksheets – this time it’s the letter J!

Let’s continue with handwriting practice while learning how to write the letter j!

Children in preschool and kindergarten will work on holding their pencils correctly as well as letter formation and other handwriting basics.

So grab these free printable letter j tracing worksheets together with my other letter tracing activities and help your students learn and improve their writing skills!

Letter J Tracing worksheets on pink background with text overlay

Free Letter J Tracing Worksheets

You will find two printable pages in this PDF.

Each page has one letter j to trace – first uppercase, then lowercase.

Children will also get to color pictures on each page. J is for jellyfish and jacket, of course!

They can only trace one line of letters at a time and save some for later.

Sometimes it’s better to just keep it short and fun.

You might also like to laminate these pages or use plastic sleeves to make them last longer.

This way children can come back and practice writing the letter j any time they want to or need to.

Now, take a look at all the other letter tracing worksheets below. Feel free to download as many as you want!

Lowercase letter i tracing worksheet
Uppercase letter K tracing worksheet

Letter J Worksheets PDF

If you have young children at home, it’s a good idea to first play around with the letters of the alphabet.

You can use playdough to make letters or shaving cream to write them. Children will enjoy doing some macaroni craft with these letter outlines.

And of course read together a lot so they understand the connection between letters and words.

Once your kids are ready for some worksheets, grab a copy of these letter tracing pages or my other printable alphabet activities to get them started.

Letter J Tracing

Now take a closer look at the two pages included in this PDF.

Then scroll down to download the letter j tracing worksheets at the end of this article.


Uppercase letter J tracing worksheet
Lowercase letter j tracing worksheet