preschool To Kindergarten Summer Packet PDF

This preschool to kindergarten summer packet is filled with age-appropriate, no-prep activities to keep your little ones engaged the whole summer!

And it is packed with learning and FUN!

So whether you are a parent, homeschooling family, summer school teacher, a camp counselor, or daycare owner, everyone can benefit from this kindergarten readiness packet.

Preschool packet PDF

Are your preschoolers about to start kindergarten after the summer?

Then help them stay on top of things and review skills they learned in pre-k class such as ABCs and 123s as well as fine motor skills, scissor skills, critical thinking, shapes, counting, color recognition, and so much more with this preschool summer packet pdf.

This is a high-quality, no-nonsense learning bundle with beautiful illustrations and engaging activities to keep the summer slide in check.

Summer preschool worksheets

We all know how long the summer days can be.

Even with vacations planned, multiple summer camps, and family visits, oftentimes the summer feels endless. Some children, including mine, get nearly 3 whole months off!

How on Earth are they supposed to remember anything from the prior school year without any practice, right?

Don’t let this HUGE amount of free, unstructured time interfere with your kids’ academic progress!

Get yourself and your child into the habit of doing some sit-down “work”, even during the summer. This will help to make the transition to kindergarten so much smoother.

By working on small tasks every or every other day, children stay focused and confident in their academic skills. They will come to kindergarten prepared to learn and build on the awesome skills they’ve already acquired!

Summer preschool worksheets spread out on yellow background

Preschool To Kindergarten Summer Packet PDF

You will get a total of 70 printable pages in this summer packet PDF.

Your children will practice many, many skills that go beyond the alphabet or numbers.

Just see for yourself:

  • first name practice
  • uppercase and lowercase letter recognition
  • tracing and writing letters
  • beginning sounds
  • rhyming words
  • simple preschool sight words
  • finding differences in pictures
  • thinking skills
  • mazes
  • I spy pages
  • tracing, coloring, and cutting
  • counting
  • adding one more
  • number order
  • comparing groups
  • patterns
  • 2d shapes
  • following instructions
  • color by letter, color by number
  • connect the dots
  • picture puzzles
  • symmetry drawing
  • sorting by various attributes
  • and more!

Besides the summer worksheets, you will get a fun, colorful diploma at the end of the workbook to print for your child.

This get ready for kindergarten summer packet is printer-friendly, with the majority of pages only black and white. So save yourself some time and money and grab this fantastic bundle today!

And there’s more!

And as a BONUS, I added three extra printables to this wonderful pre-k summer packet pdf for FREE:

  • summer road trip BINGO game
  • letter puzzles
  • counting 1-10 puzzles
Preschool summer activities on pink background
The EXTRAS included in the bundle: Road trip Bingo, Letter puzzles, Number puzzles

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