Kindergarten Summer Packet

Fun kindergarten summer packet full of no-prep activities for your rising first graders!

This kindergarten summer review packet was created out of my own need for a quality workbook I could use with my twins this summer.

It is a comprehensive review of almost everything they’ve learned this year in English and math. I focused on skills that help them get better at reading and writing, as well as challenge them in math.

So if you’re looking for something educational to do with your children or students this summer, definitely give this activity book a try!

Kindergarten summer review

The end of the school year is rapidly approaching. Children are off to adventure and fun for the long two or even three months in some places!

That’s a LOT of time for making memories but unfortunately, also plenty of time for the summer slide to sneak in.

On average, children lose about 20 percent of what they learned during the school year1. And young children and children from a disadvantaged environments are especially vulnerable to learning loss, which only tends to worsen from one year to another.

And in case your child struggled with some subjects and topics during kindergarten, there will be a lot of catching up to do in first grade.

This is a high-quality concentrated learning bundle with fun illustrations and engaging activities to keep your rising first-grader on track.

Kindergarten summer packet

If you’re anything like me, your child’s education means a great deal to you. And for good reasons!

Academic achievement has a plethora of benefits to one’s life and well-being such as better career choices and higher earning potential, reduced poverty and crime rates, improved social and communication skills, and access to quality healthcare to name a few2.

I sure don’t want my children to be just passing from one grade to another without any motivation to achieve something more in life. And I am certain, you don’t want that either for your own little ones! Otherwise, you wouldn’t be here 😉.

With today’s pervasive technology everywhere, video games and social media like TikTok taking over our youth’s free time, it is that much more imperative to instill good learning habits in children while they are still young.

Yes, even in the summer!

Sumemr worksheets for kindergarten on wooden table
A preview of the worksheets included in the Kindergarten summer packet

Summer school for kindergarten

There are three main subjects children work on in kindergarten – reading, writing, and math.

Now, of course, they do plenty of learning in other areas such as simple science, social studies, art, music, and such. But to build a solid foundation, they certainly need to make progress in reading, writing, and math first.

Before you make a plan of action for your summer lessons, it is good to know if your child struggles in some areas. How is her/his handwriting? Does he struggle with making patterns or perhaps naming some shapes? Write it down!

For instance, my kids excel at reading because we practiced a lot during the school year. They are generally fine with math. But our biggest struggle is handwriting. So I know that during the summer, they will have to focus on handwriting a bit more than on other subjects.

I can’t imagine letting them go without writing a thing the whole summer! Those fine motor skills aren’t going to improve if we don’t work on them, ya’ll! Come September, it would be like starting with writing all over again 😱.

summer lesson plans for kindergarten

Whether you’re staying at home with your kids, or they spend their summer attending day camps, there is a way to include 20-30 minutes of learning into your daily or weekly summer routine.

Of course, there will be days your kids will not want to do anything educational, weeks of vacations, or family visits. But surely, many days will be just ordinary and long – a perfect opportunity to sneak in some learning!

Kindergarten summer packet with binder on wooden table
Print the summer packet pdf and turn it into a learning binder!

Kindergarten Summer Packet PDF

So what’s included in this kindergarten summer packet pdf?

A whole lot!

You will get 120 printable pages that cover the subjects and skills taught and practiced during the school year.

In English, children will practice skills such as rhyming, syllables, beginning, middle, and ending sounds, CVC words, word families, digraphs, blends, sight words, reading, and more.

In math, they will start with counting to 100, comparing numbers, addition to 5, 10, and 20, subtraction, and will also practice shapes, patterns, coins, telling time, tally marks, teen numbers, fractions, and a whole lot more.

On top of all this, children will practice writing a lot, strengthen their fine motor skills with cut and paste activities, and have fun coloring with color by number pages or connect the dots worksheets.

Some of the worksheets might be a bit advanced for your child depending on your school’s and state’s standards. For instance, if they haven’t started adding to 20 (without regrouping) then simply save the worksheets for first grade.

I like to challenge my kids and practice skills even above their grade level, so feel free to do the same.

And there’s more!

You will find two BONUS printables when you purchase this workbook!

  • What am I? printable game with summer edition for fun family activity on rainy days
  • printable car BINGO game with two designs
Car bingo game and What am I game printable on blue background
The EXTRAS included in the bundle – road trip BINGO game and What am I? printable game

So grab this workbook today and let your children start first grade with confidence and a solid foundation they will build on in the years to come!