Sight Words Flash Cards PDF

Download free printable sight word flash cards pdf for your elementary students!

For your convenience, you will find all the sight words from the Dolch list and the first 200 words from the Fry list on this page.

Just select the sight word list you prefer, and the grade your child is in, and start learning!

Plus, check out other free sight word printables here on Planes&Balloons to complement your lessons. You will find activities such as writing sight words, sight word search, spot and dot, and more!

Sight word flash cards image with text overlay

Sight words flashcards PDF

These sight word flashcards are really easy to make.

Just print the PDF first, laminate the pages, and cut them into small cards.

To keep them nicely organized and easy to practice, punch a hole in the top corner and use a large key ring to keep the flashcards altogether.

Dolch sight word flash cards pdf

Download the Dolch sight word flashcards for pre-k, kindergarten, grade 1, grade2, and grade 3.

You will also find flash cards for all the nouns that are part of the Dolch list.

Fry sight word flash cards pdf

Fry’s sight word list contains 1000 high-frequency words in English. They are split into 10 groups of 100 words.

For now, I focused on the first 200 words as they go along with kindergarten and first grade reading practice.