5 Outstanding Workout Apps That Will Help You Get in Shape Fast

Workout AppsLet’s face it.

Getting in shape in general, let alone after having a baby can be challenging.

No matter what your body type is, after giving birth, you’ll find many loose spots that weren’t there before. And in most cases, you’ll want to get rid of them or at least tighten them up.

And it’s not only about baby weight.

Let’s not to forget the fact that regular exercise brings many benefits when it comes to mood, energy and both physical and mental health.

Deep down we all know that.

But as the mom life has it, we don’t always have the time nor feel like heading out to the gym.

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Because we get super busy during the day, the thought of working out totally slips our minds.

But getting our daily exercise doesn’t have to be complicated nor expensive.

Here is a list of five excellent workout apps that anyone can use at home.

The best part?

They are all FREE!

PLUS you can be done with your daily workout in 15 minutes or less while your kids are napping or even before they wake up.

30 Day Ab Challenge & 30 Day Butt Challenge

Workout Apps

If you haven’t exercised for a long time, start here.

And don’t get discouraged by the simplicity of the design. The workout is great and it works!

You can download the app for your abs or buttocks, whichever you would like to work on more.

What I like about these two apps is that the exercise is straightforward. It is the same every day, but you add repetitions slowly and build your stamina. By the end of the month, you’ll definitely notice positive results.

7 Minute Workout

Workout Apps

If you only have a little time at your disposal, try the 7 Minute Workout.

It kicks butt, I promise!

You can choose 5 different workouts, so every day can be different.

The timer is very convenient. Once you start your exercise, the app guides you from start to finish. The plus is that it uses verbal instructions, so you don’t need to look constantly at what’s next.

The pace is fast, but you get a lot accomplished in 7 minutes a day!

Down Dog: Great Yoga Anywhere

Workout Apps

If you prefer gentle exercise, then try this yoga app. It is one of my favorites!

Set the length, sequence type, or your yoga experience level and it will create the perfect sequence just for you. Plus you can choose the music style to accompany your flow.

Honestly, I am absolutely in love with this app. I used to be a huge yoga fan before I had kids. But unfortunately, I haven’t been able to attend any classes on regular basis since.

But this yoga app still allows me to practice the poses, calm my mind and simply relax after a long day.

Workout Apps

30 Days Fitness Challenge

Workout Apps

30 Day Fit Challenge Workout offers very dynamic exercise routines.

It is similar to the 7 Minute Workout app, but a bit more advanced.

Choose from six levels of difficulty and five different areas to work on for 30 days. You will totally see progress and results.

It also counts burnt calories according to your weight if that’s something you are into.

What I like the most is that the exercises for each day change. You never know what’s coming the next day. It makes it more challenging and fun.

Home Workouts Personal Trainer

Workout Apps


I find this last app to be the most advanced.

The first option is to build your own sequence depending on which body part you are trying to tone. They list a ton of moves and exercises to use for specific areas.

Second, you can choose one of 14 different workouts to follow in three levels of difficulty. For instance, one of the workout options is to “get in shape fast”.

With all the choices there is no way you can get bored of it!


I hope this list can help you get in shape and achieve your exercise goals fast.

Working out at home can help you avoid all the traffic, save money on gym membership and be done in as little as 15 minutes.

In case you have recently given birth, make sure you are cleared by your doctor to exercise. And don’t forget that a healthy diet is a must when it comes to getting in shape.