Summer Skip Counting By 2 Worksheets

Free printable skip counting worksheets for the summer!

These skip-counting worksheets will be an excellent review for your first graders at the end of the school year or during the summer break. They will count by 2s and practice writing their numbers, too.

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Skip counting by 2 worksheets pdf

These skip counting worksheets will be a fun and easy way to practice skip counting during the summer with your kindergarten or first grade kids. If your child gets bored or it’s a rainy day outside, just grab and print these worksheets for them. They will have fun and do some math, too!

All you’ll need:

  • the printable Summer skip counting worksheets (download at the end)
  • printer
  • paper
  • pencil for writing
Skip counting worksheet with popsicles

Skip counting worksheets free printable

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Summer counting free printable

You may download the free printable skip-counting worksheets below. Just click on the link under the pink Planes&Balloons banner, then save or print right away.