Addition To 20 For 1st Grade

A fun way to review addition facts to 20 with your first grade students!

These are fun, simple worksheets for the end-of-school-year review with your first graders. Children will need to solve the addition problems and color only the ones with the same sums.

If your 1st grade kids need some extra practice with an addition to 20 or you just want them to keep up with their math skills, grab these free worksheets at the very end.

Addition to 20 worksheets with houses

First grade addition worksheets

These 1st grade math worksheets are a great addition to your teaching toolbox. You can send them home for home fun with your students, print them for independent class work, or use them with your own children at home.

The idea behind these worksheets is pretty simple. Children will need to add and solve the equations and decide which ones are equal to the sum on top. Then they will color the matching ones.

Addition to 20 worksheet with houses

Addition for grade 1 worksheets

For more addition worksheets, grab a bunch of these too:

Printable addition worksheets for grade 1

You will find two printable pages in this addition worksheets pdf.

You can use them in your classroom, homeschool, before and after school care, and any other educational setting. Just remember, the worksheets are not meant for commercial use.