Remember this when life doesn’t seem to make sense at all

God quotes hard timesDo you ever look back at your life and suddenly have a better understanding of things? When life didn’t seem to make any sense at all, but in the end, everything worked out for the greater good?

I certainly do.

When I first graduated university, I was ready to take on the world. A graduate with a master’s degree, I thought all doors would be open for me. To my surprise and disappointment, things weren’t exactly as I imagined them.

Guess what?

I ended up working in a daycare center taking care of babies and toddlers day after day. Not exactly a job I’ve always dreamed about.

But these days, I couldn’t be more grateful for the experience.


Not only I realized I had a passion for working with kids, there was even a bigger adventure ahead. Three years down the road I gave birth to our baby twins. Away from all of our family, just me, my husband and two newborn babies. Imagine!

But working in that daycare center taught me an awful lot about babies. I learned everything there is to know about holding a baby, feeding, diapering, daily routines, etc. Thanks to that experience, I was probably the calmest new mother of twins on the planet Earth!

Today I often say that it was God’s way of preparing me for the role ahead. A role of a mother away from home.

Or here is another completely random idea that sparked in my head one day:

A while ago, I very spontaneously signed up for a local certificate program in graphic and web design. Mostly for fun of learning new things.

Little did I know that I would put all that knowledge to use one day.

And here I am.

Running my own website, creating my own designs and absolutely loving it!

I think everybody has stories like these to tell.

Sometimes we simply don’t know why life is leading us one direction and not the other.

And that’s ok.

If we learn to trust and embrace the unknown, we will be rewarded.


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God quotes hard times

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