Counting to 100: Number charts for kindergarten

If your child is learning how to count to 100, then I have a whole bunch of printable number charts for you!

Free printable hundreds chart for kindergarten. Great for skip counting, missing numbers, and number sense. Blank printable hundreds chart available as well. #kindergarten

Number charts are an essential tool for practicing counting numbers, skip counting, and number writing.

So if your kindergarten or elementary students need some extra counting practice, stay tuned.

I focused on creating counting charts for numbers 1-20, 1-50, and 1-100. And you will also find blank number charts and missing numbers charts!

The best part?

All of these number charts are free and you can find them all in one place.

Free printable number charts

I created three different sets of number charts for you.

In each pack, you’ll get a blank number chart, a full number chart, and missing number practice charts.

Choose from three levels of math skills.

To download, simply click on the download links under the pictures and get your free printable PDFs there.


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Free printable hundreds chart for kindergarten. Great for skip counting, missing numbers, and number sense. Blank printable hundreds chart available as well. #kindergarten

Free printable number chart 1-100

The number chart 1-100 is the hardest of them all. But just like with the others, you’ll get five pages of counting fun for your child.

Free printable hundreds chart 1-100

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Number chart 1-50

Counting to 50 is somewhere in the middle between the beginning counting skills and counting to 100. Use the number chart 1-50  to encourage your little ones in their growing math skills.

Free printable number charts 1-50

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Printable number chart 1-20

In this set, your child gets to practice counting to 20. The number chart 1-20 pack contains five pages that can be used in several different ways, as mentioned earlier.

Free printable number charts 1-20

I really hope these number charts will help your child master their first 100 numbers in no time! Make sure to share them with your friends!

These printable worksheets are for personal and classroom use only. Distribution or altering without written permission is strictly prohibited.

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  1. Thank you SO much for these! Some of my kinders need more practice counting (and writing) to 100. These are perfect!

  2. I teach high school special education and need basic skills assessments in age-appropriate materials. These worksheets are perfect.

  3. Thanks so much my students need additional practice writing numbers 1 to 100.
    Lori Bilgrien
    Special Education Teacher

  4. Thanks so much! These are wonderful tools and can reach several of my students with various ability levels! : )

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