Tracing Circles Worksheets for Preschoolers (Develop Solid Writing Skills Foundation)

A free printable file of tracing circles worksheets inside!

tracing circles worksheets

Tracing is an important pre-writing skill widely practiced in preschool and kindergarten.

If your little one is only starting to work on her tracing skills, use my simple tracing circles worksheets as a starting point.

FUN Tracing circles worksheets for preschoolers

Before a child learns to write, she needs to develop a solid pencil hold first. This skill is acquired best by letting her scribble and draw freely from her toddler years.

Many parents tend to keep pens and pencils away from toddlers in order to keep them from drawing on furniture or walls.

I know that feeling, believe me! 

I can’t even imagine the disaster if my toddlers were left alone with a set of markers. But thanks goodness for the Crayola washable markers. They come off so easily from skin, the floor, furniture, and even wall.

This alone has encouraged me to implement more drawing into our daily routine and took the worries off my mind.

And I know it’s the best way I can help my toddlers develop a solid pre-writing foundation.

Once a child develops a good hold of a pencil, she usually becomes naturally interested in more structured activities such as tracing, coloring, dot to dots, etc.

The age differs from one child to another, but preschool is usually the time when scribbles turn into more intentional drawings.

Therefore tracing pictures, shapes or letters is a great way for preschoolers to practice their pre-writing skills.

Free tracing shapes worksheets for preschool - perfect fine motor practice! #preschool

Make sure to check out my Free printable shapes worksheets for more tracing activities.

To help you and myself out, I’ve created these simple tracing circles worksheets for the emerging writers.

You’ll find four pages total with two levels of difficulty in this set of circle worksheets. I adjusted the dot spacing on the circles for different kinds of experience and fun.

To download these circle worksheets, just click on the link at the very end and get your free pdf file right away.


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Free circle tracing worksheets for preschool - perfect fine motor practice! #preschool

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