Thanksgiving math activities for some seasonal holiday fun

In this article: You’ll find a set of Thanksgiving math activities for your November lesson plan.
Making and identifying groups of objects is an early math skill we can start introducing in preschool.

Children naturally group objects together by certain characteristics. Once they are ready to step up the game, we can introduce grouping by numbers.

So if your child is currently working on this skill, make sure to include my grouping exercises in your Thanksgiving math activities for some seasonal math fun.

Look at these Thanksgiving math activities for PRESCHOOL! They make teaching about groups so fun. Use these Thanksgiving math worksheets for your holiday lesson plan at school or at home. These math worksheets are perfect for preschool math centers! #prek #preshoolmath #thanksgiving #mathactivities #mathworksheets #preschoolmathcenters

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Thanksgiving math activities

Thanksgiving holiday is slowly approaching. So why not to teach the concept of grouping with some seasonal activities?

Pumpkins, pies, pilgrim’s hats, they are all included. Your kids will get to practice some math and enjoy coloring them as well!

There is a total of four worksheets included in these Thanksgiving math activities.

Children will learn to identify and make groups of 2 to 10 objects. They have to create a group by circling the right amount of objects first. Then they have to match numbers with the same amount of Thanksgiving symbols.

As always, I like to keep my printable worksheets black and white to make them easy on your printer. Plus they also allow children to add their own colors.

To download, simply click on the download link below. Then save or print right away.

Thank you for using my worksheets!


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