Telling time to the hour worksheets

In this article: A set of fun telling time to the hour worksheets for teaching children to tell time.

If you started teaching your child how to tell time, then these free printable telling time worksheets will be great for extra practice.

They are suitable for very early learners because they focus solely on telling time to the whole hour. Children will practice reading time with both, digital and analog clocks.

Telling time worksheets pdf set for teaching how to tell time

Telling time worksheets PDF printable

Learning to tell time is an important skill most children usually start learning before kindergarten age.

But you can start even earlier!

As long as your little one can read numbers 1 through 12, then learning to tell time can be a lot of fun. Even preschoolers will feel confident and accomplished being able to tell the time to the hour!

It is always a good idea to introduce any new concept with a hands-on activity first.

Therefore, I absolutely recommend using some sort of big learning clocks for teaching to tell time.

After your child has a basic understanding of the concept, introduce worksheets for extra practice.

My free printable telling time worksheets include 16 pages to practice with!

The first twelve pages are find & color pages. Children will search through different clocks and color only the ones with the correct time.

Then they will get to practice matching digital and analog time as well as writing the time.

Use all of them or only the ones that suit your child’s learning at the moment.

To download, simply scroll down and click on the download button.

Have fun teaching your child to tell time!

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Telling time to the hour worksheets

telling time to the hour worksheets

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telling time to the hour worksheets

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telling time to the hour worksheets

Please keep in mind that these free telling time worksheets are for personal or classroom use only. Altering, re-sale or re-distribution are not allowed in any way. Thank you!

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  1. These worksheets are fabulous! Thank you so much for providing them – I needed something to go with the telling time book I bought for my son… and now I’ve discovered a giant treasure trove of great printables including all your dot-to-dots!

  2. Thank you! My almost 5 year old is ready to begin learning about time but I hadn’t been able to find any SIMPLE time worksheets for him until these! So helpful!!

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