Sweet donuts coloring page

Kids and moms will totally love coloring this fun donuts coloring page!

Donuts colorig page

If you’re looking for some fun activity to do with your kids, then this is it! Who wouldn’t love to color donuts with their favorite flavors and colors?

Even though donuts are not the healthiest food in the world, they are a fun treat from time to time.

We sure enjoy them!

So treat your kids and yourself with this fun free printable coloring page.

Free printable donuts coloring page

I used fine tip pens to color this page and it basically took me all day.

But feel free to use any markers or pencils to make the process easier.

Coloring is definitely relaxing and who wouldn’t need some of that during the times we’re going through right now?

So this coloring page is definitely not only fun for kids, but for the adults as well.

I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I did!

To download, just go to the download link at the end of this post.

Have fun!

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Donuts coloring page

Please, remember, this printable coloring page is for personal or classroom use only. Do not redistribute or resell this printable in any way. Thank you.

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