Summer missing numbers worksheets 1-100

Free printable missing numbers 1-100 worksheets to practice counting during summer!

These summer worksheets are a perfect way to keep counting during the long summer break!

Your kids will enjoy the watermelon theme while writing the missing numbers from 1 all the way to 100.

missing numbers 1-100 worksheets

1-100 number writing worksheets for kindergarten and first grade

Children will practice their handwriting as well as number recognition and rote counting.

For more number writing worksheets, make sure to also get my free printable number tracing worksheets 1-100!

There is a total of ten pages in this printable PDF.

Each page requires your child to fill in the missing numbers.

The first two pages are suitable for kindergarten students, as they normally learn to write numbers up to 20.

The rest of the missing numbers worksheets are meant mostly for first graders.

You will find the printable PDF at the end of this post.


Missing numbers worksheets for grade 1

missing numbers worksheets 1-10
missing numbers worksheets 1-100

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