Dot to dot A to Z

Fun and free! Dot to dot worksheets teaching letters from A to Z.

dot to dot printable worksheets connecting dots from A to Z on a yellow background

This is a fun way to practice the ABCs!

Children will connect the dots from A to Z to finish the pictures. Then they can color them however they please!

Also get my easy dot to dot printables for preschoolers!

Connect the dots from A to Z printable

Here’s a twist on my previous dot to dot pages.

Instead of connecting numbers, children will follow the dots from letter A to Z. This way they can practice their alphabet, too!

You will find a total of two dot to dot pages in this printable PDF.

The first is a picture of a fishbowl with a cute goldfish. The second page includes a picture of a chameleon.

Children will connect the dots from A to Z in order to finish the picture puzzle.

And they will definitely enjoy coloring these as well!

To download, just go to the end of this article. You can get the free printable PDF there.


Free printable dot to dot A to Z pdf

fishbowl dot to dot page with letters A to Z
chameleon dot to dot page with letters A to Z

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  1. Dear Kristina,

    Thank you creating these wonderful, age appropriate and useful worksheets. I find them absolutely helpful while I try to teach my preschooler. God bless you for the efforts you put in.


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