Free printable ABC letter hunt

Free printable letter hunt for all the letters of the alphabet!

Let your kids practice letter recognition with these simple A to Z letter find worksheets.

Children will practice all of the 26 letters of the alphabet while having fun coloring. This printable pack is perfect for preschool students as well as kindergarteners learning their uppercase letters.

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Free printable abc letter find for preschool - worksheets on orange background

Free printable ABC letter find

You will find a total of 26 worksheets in this printable pdf.

Children who are just starting out with letter recognition will enjoy the playfulness of this activity.

They will simply hunt for the given letter and color as many as they find. You can give them a magnifying glass to make it even more fun!

Preschoolers will practice letter recognition and visual discrimination as well as fine motor skills at the same time.

You can use these for a rainy day activity or with your classroom or homeschool.


And make sure to also download my free alphabet coloring book!

Free printable alphabet letter find worksheets

A to Z letter find worksheets PDF

abc letter find worksheets - letter A worksheet example
abc letter find worksheets - letter Z worksheet example

And please, remember, that these free printable letter find worksheets are for personal and classroom use only. Thank you!

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  1. its very helpful for us like me as a mother uts because of this andemic our child cant go to school but more thank you to this printed worksheets it helps a lot….for our child specially tp the kindergaten of being not behind…..please do more like this it helps a lot of mommies out there and especially the lack of financial like me its more helpful…

  2. I absolutely love your website, and these free worksheets have really helped my 4 year old son who is doing pre-k from home! Thank you!

  3. Hey, I am Vinni from India. I chanced upon this website and I am amazed to see how much inexplicable efforts you have put into developing such a stupendous website. These wonderful worksheets are very helpful while teachings my kids. Thankyou for all your efforts.

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