Cactus same or different activity

Fun free printable activity for your preschoolers – cactus same and different!

Here’s a quick and fun activity to practice visual discrimination with your preschoolers. Cactus-themed same and different worksheets!

Kids will love to play around with the fun pictures of cactuses while spotting the subtle differences. This is a great pre-reading as well as early math activity for preschoolers during the summer or throughout the year.

For more pre-reading activities, try these visual discrimination worksheets!

cactus theme same or different worksheets

Cactus same And different ACtivities for preschoolers

You will find a set of two worksheets in this printable activity pack.

I had a lot of fun drawing the cactuses so hopefully, your preschoolers will enjoy them!

On the first page, children will look for a picture that is different than the rest.

The second page works the other way around. Preschoolers will have to find two of the same pictures.

In some cases, they will have to pay extra attention to spot the difference!

This activity supports pre-reading skills as many letters of the alphabet, numbers, and even many words look similar and children need to learn to discriminate them.

To download, just go to the end of this article. You’ll get the PDF there.


cactus theme same or different worksheets

Same and different activities for preschoolers

cactus theme same or different worksheets
cactus theme same or different worksheets

And please remember, these same and different worksheets are for personal and classroom use only!