Prepositions for preschoolers

In this article: Prepositions for preschoolers – free printable easy reader and coloring book!

If you’d like to introduce prepositions in your preschool curriculum, then definitely add this booklet to your classroom activities.

The task is quite simple – read the sentences and let your child color the correct picture.

Plus, this printable preposition book is easy to download and can be ready in minutes.

Prepositions for preschoolers - simple printable book pages on blue background

Prepositions for preschoolers printable book

Teaching prepositions in preschool will be fun with this simple printable booklet.

Your students will practice eight prepositional words in sentences about four little chicks.

Prepositions included:

  • on
  • over
  • behind
  • beside
  • between
  • in
  • under
  • in front of

Older students such as kindergarteners might be able to read the words on their own, but preschoolers will need your assistance.

Simply read the book with your children and let them color the correct chick.

There are always three chicks per page so you might want to practice other prepositions by asking questions about those.

Where is this chick standing?” or “Where is this one hiding?

How to make the preschool prepositions book

Making this booklet is easy-peasy!

All you need is a printer, paper, scissors, and a stapler.

pages of prepositions book on wooden table

This is how you make it:

Frist, download the printable book at the end of this article.

Then print, cut, and staple the pages together.

Students will need crayons or colored pencils to color the pages.

And that’s it!

open prepositions booklet on wooden table with colored pencils

This is a fun and easy way to practice prepositions with your preschoolers in the classroom or at home.

I hope you and your students will enjoy this activity!

To download, just go to the end of this article and get your pdf there.

Have fun teaching!

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Picture of prepositions for preschoolers book with colored pencils on wooden table with purple text overlay

Preschool prepositions Printable Book

Here’s a preview of the pages included in this booklet:

Front page of the prepositions booklet
One page of the prepositions booklet

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