Free printable shapes worksheets

shapes worksheets

Is your child working on learning to identify 2d and 3d shapes?

Then this ever-growing list of free printable shapes worksheets for preschool and kindergarten is here to help you out.

Children will learn about the basic shapes and practice tracing and naming them with confidence.

What should young children know about shapes

Before they even start school, many preschoolers learn to recognize and correctly name a few basic shapes such as circle, triangle and square.

We can encourage their early interest in shapes by pointing out real-life objects and naming the shapes together.

“Look at that pizza slice! What shape does it remind you of?”

“Does the door look more like a square or rectangle? What do you think?”

They might start to notice by themselves that shapes are everywhere. This is not only an early math skill but also an important pre-reading and pre-writing skill as well.

In kindergarten, children dive more into geometry and learning about 2d and 3d shapes.

Not only kindergarteners learn to name various shapes, but they also discover their attributes.

They learn to identify two-dimensional as “flat” shapes and three-dimensional as “solid” shapes.

Basic 2d shapes that are taught in kindergarten are circle, square, rectangle, triangle, pentagon, hexagon, rhombus, and trapezoid.

Basic 3d shapes in kindergarten are cone, cylinder, cube, and sphere.

With plenty of hands-on playful learning together with fun shapes worksheets, children will master their geometry standards with ease.

shapes worksheets

Printable shapes worksheets for preschool and kindergarten PDF

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