4th Of July Worksheets For Preschool

Get this fun printable pack full of 4th of July worksheets for preschool kids!

I really enjoyed creating this 4th of July worksheet pack for preschool so I hope you and your children will enjoy it too!

This printable bundle is perfect for the early summer days when we celebrate Independence day. Keep the learning going even during summer and prevent the summer slide!

Children in preschool and kindergarten will enjoy these patriotic worksheets and activities. They will practice basic academic skills while learning about their country!

4th of July Worksheets for preschool on blue background with red text overlay

Fourth of July worksheets for preschool

You will find ten printable pages in this PDF worksheet bundle.

Children will work on these preschool skills:

  • the alphabet – tracing and writing missing letters
  • 2d shapes recognition
  • counting to ten and twenty
  • missing numbers up to 10
  • fine motor skills – tracing fireworks, bbq maze
  • scissor skills
  • and number order with a colorful puzzle

You will find worksheets for the basic skills taught in preschool class throughout the year.

10 worksheets spread out on wooden table with Planes&Balloons watermark
Fourth of July worksheets

4th of July Activities

Your students or children will surely enjoy this important summer holiday theme!

And instead of the summer, feel free to add these fourth of July worksheets to your Presidents’ day or Memorial day lesson plan instead.

After they’re done with the activity, children can easily color the American flag, Liberty Bell, or the bald eagle!

Plus make sure to check out my printable mini book all about the American symbols, perfect for preschool or kindergarten kids.

Cut and paste the missing pieces worksheet

Summer worksheets and printables

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Summer Scissor Skills – cute cutting strips with summer pictures children will enjoy

Summer Number Order Puzzles – ocean and ice cream are the two main topics of this free summer printable

Summer Letters, Numbers, And Shapes – practice all three this summer break

Lemonade Stand Letters – if your kids enjoy making lemonade, then grab these worksheets for sure

Count the pictures and color the numbers

4th Of July Worksheets PDF

You may download the PDF below. Just find the Planes&Balloons pink banner and link right below it.

All you need for learning with this patriotic printable pack is:

  • the printable 4th of July worksheets PDF
  • printer
  • paper
  • scissors to cut out the puzzle pieces
  • crayons or markers

Children will love learning to count, working on their fine motor skills, and building a fun puzzle with Lady Liberty!

Tracing lines worksheet with fireworks
Trace the lines and color the fireworks