Fall Number Tracing For Kindergarten

Grab these free printable fall leaves number worksheets for your students or children today!

This is a simple and quick tracing activity for celebrating fall in preschool and kindergarten. Children will practice tracing numbers 1-20 and color the leaves in autumn colors.

You will find two ways to trace the numbers – dotted lines or grey lines. Some children might prefer one method over the other, so you have options.

When they are done tracing the numbers, they can color the leaves and even cut them out and paste them on a separate sheet of construction paper.

Fall number tracing worksheets on background with text overlay

Fall math worksheets pdf

These fall math worksheets will be a great addition to your kindergarten math practice. Children can work on these during quiet work, in math centers, or at home.

All you need is:

  • the Fall number tracing PDF (download at the end)
  • paper
  • printer
  • pencil for tracing the numbers
  • crayons for coloring the leaves
  • scissors to cut out the leaves (optional)
Fall leaves with numbers 1-10 to trace worksheet 1
Trace the numbers 1-10

Tracing numbers 1-20

Here are more worksheets to check out if you are looking for number tracing activities to improve your child’s handwriting:

Fall number tracing worksheets

You may download the fall number tracing worksheets below. You will find a total of 4 pages to print in this PDF.

I hope you and your kids will enjoy this simple autumn activity!

Happy learning!

Fall leaves with numbers 11-20 to trace worksheet 2
Trace the numbers 11 to 20

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