Turkey Ten Frame Addition

Ten frames addition worksheets for your first graders to use this November!

These are fun addition practice worksheets for your grade 1 students.

Use these for your Thanksgiving lesson plans, small groups, or math centers. You can even send them home with kids to practice a bit of addition over the holiday break.

These addition to 20 worksheets work with ten frames and pictures to add numbers from 1 to 10. This activity includes addition problems with regrouping.

Picture addition worksheets for grade 1

These addition worksheets will be helpful for children first starting with addition problems. They use ten frames to help them visualize the problem and even count the pictures.

The task is pretty simple – children count the objects in every ten frame, then write and solve the addition sentences.

So besides working on adding up, students will also work on writing their numbers. A skill that needs a lot of reinforcement in first grade!

Ten frame addition worksheet

Thanskgiving math worksheets for first grade

If you want to add some holiday activities to your November lesson plan, this is it!

These addition worksheets are pretty straightforward so every child has a chance to succeed. They will count, write numbers, and add and solve addition problems.

All you need is the printable PDF (download at the very end), printer, and paper, and let the children do the rest!

You can find more addition worksheets here.

To download, just find the link at the bottom of this article. Then save or print right away.