Thanksgiving One More One Less Worksheets

Let your students practice counting one more and one less with these November worksheets!

Here is a fun way to practice number sense this holiday season. Children will love counting Thanksgiving pictures while learning to add and take away one.

Plus, they will get to work on writing their numbers, too!

One more, one less worksheets free printable

You will find two worksheets in this printable PDF.

These worksheets are suitable for children in kindergarten and first grade. They will practice counting numbers up to 10 and 20, adding and taking away one, and writing the numbers.

What you’ll need:

  • the printable Thanksgiving worksheets (download at the end)
  • printer
  • paper
  • pencil for writing
One more, one less worksheet 1

Thanksgiving math worksheets grade 1

All you need to download these Thanksgiving math worksheets is to click on the link under the pink Planes&Balloons banner below.

Then save or print right away.

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