Thanksgiving ten frames for kindergarten

Free printable ten frames worksheets for Thanksgiving math in kindergarten!

These turkey ten frames worksheets will be a lot of fun to do for kindergarten students.

Children will practice their number sense as well as writing numerals up to 10 while working with ten frames.

These worksheets will go great with my five and ten frames fall activity too!

I recently used these ten frame worksheets with my kindergarteners and I was pleasantly surprised how well they did with them!

Thanksgiving ten frames worksheets for kindergarten - two pages on purple background

Ten frame worksheets 1-10

You will find a total of four pages in this printable PDF.

Children will practice both – making ten frames and reading ten frames.

First, they will read each number and draw the corresponding amount of dots in the blank ten frames.

And then they will do it the other way around – count the dots in each ten frame and write the correct number.

And for colder months and more ten frame practice, go ahead and download my snowflake ten frame worksheets too.

To download this printable set, just go to the end of this post.


Thanksgiving ten frames worksheets for kindergarten - four pages on purple background

Thanksgiving worksheets

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Thanksgiving worksheets for kindergarten

And this is what the worksheets look like:

Thanksgiving turkey ten frame worksheet
Thanksgiving turkey ten frame worksheet

And please, remember, these printable math worksheets are for personal and classroom use only.

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