Easter Skip Counting By 2

Free printable skip counting by 2 worksheets for your Easter theme math!

Let your kids practice skip counting with these fun Easter cut and paste worksheets. Children will count by 2s and place the numbers in the correct order.

Skip counting by 2 worksheets

You will find three pages in this printable skip counting pdf. Children will start counting from the number 2 and go all the way to 100.

This skip counting printable is perfect for spring revision with your first graders. And besides counting, they will also practice their scissors skills!

Skip counting by 2 worksheet
Skip counting by 2 worksheet

Skip counting worksheets for grade 1

You can use these skip counting worksheets in your classroom or homeschool. They are quick and easy to download and print.

Just grab the printable at the end of this article, then save or print it right away. Your students or children will need scissors and glue sticks to finish the worksheets.

Easter skip counting by 2 worksheet
Skip counting by 2 to 100

Easter worksheets PDF

You can download these Easter skip counting worksheets below. Just click on the link right under the pink Planes&Balloons banner.