Skip Counting Worksheets Grade 1

First grade skip counting worksheets all in one place!

Enjoy these free printable skip counting worksheets for your grade 1 students or children! They will practice counting by 2s, 5s, and 10s while building a solid foundation for future multiplication.

Grab as many skip counting worksheets as you need and come back for more. I am always expanding the library of my free first grade math printables.

Skip counting worksheets for grade 1 PDF

You will find multiple skip counting worksheets pdf to choose from.

It’s the easiest to start with counting by 10s, then by 5s, and then by 2s. These worksheets are a great supplement to math centers, homeschool lessons, and sent home as homework for the week.

To practice skip counting, we often count loud during a long car ride. This helps my kids to strengthen this important skill. Use the counting worksheets as supplemental resource or for grade 1 math review with your students.

Monster skip counting by 10 worksheet
Skip counting by 10 worksheet

Free skip counting worksheets

You will find various skip counting worksheets on this page, including skip counting cut and paste worksheets, writing and coloring worksheets.

Some of the printables are accessible directly from this page, while others belong to older articles that you’ll have to visit and download from. Simply click on the pictures and get your skip counting printables there.

Most of the skip counting worksheets pdf include counting to 100 and some even to 200. Use the worksheets that suit your child’s skills best!

Skip counting by 2 worksheets

Skip counting by 2 worksheets For grade 1

In this section, find fun skip counting by 2 worksheets for your first grade students.

Skip counting by 5 worksheets pdf

All the skip counting by 5 worksheets for 1st grade:

Skip counting by 10 worksheets

In this section, you can find pdf worksheets for skip counting by 10 for your first-grade kiddos. Some of them might be bundled with other counting worksheets so be sure to pick and choose the ones you need at the moment.

Counting worksheets grade 1