First Grade Addition Review

Use these addition worksheets to review math with your first graders this spring!

It is the time of the year when we review a lot of the school work rather than focus on teaching brand-new concepts. If you are in the same boat, then these worksheets are just for you!

Children will review addition to 10 and addition to 20 without regrouping. Both of the addition worksheets will challenge your kids while giving them plenty of practice.

First grade addition review worksheets

Single digit addition worksheets

By the end of first grade, I expect my kids to be fluent in adding numbers to 10 without using visuals or their fingers. While we can talk about the ways they get to the result, with more and more practice their addition skills need to become fluent.

This also means we will practice simple problems or random addition equations during the summer. Even playing a simple addition game during a car ride is helpful to reinforce their skills.

Addition to 10 worksheet
Addition to 10 review

Addition to 20 without regrouping

Besides adding single-digit numbers to 10, you will also find a worksheet to practice addition to 20 without borrowing. This means, that children will add two-digit numbers with one-digit numbers with sums up to 20.

First, they will add pictures and write the equations. Then they will solve the rest of the addition problems.

At the bottom of each worksheet, you will find a few instances for kids to practice decomposing numbers. This can help them reinforce their understanding of addition by breaking down numbers into parts.

Addition to 20 worksheet
Addition to 20 without borrowing

Free Addition Worksheets

And make sure to take a look at more of my free addition worksheets here:

1st grade addition worksheets free

You may download these free addition worksheets for 1st grade below. Just click on the link under the pink Planes&Balloons banner, then save or print it right away.

Add these addition worksheets to your first-grade math lesson plan, homeschool curriculum, or summer review after first grade.