Place Value Worksheets Grade 1

Search and download all the place value worksheets for your first-grade math in the classroom or homeschool.

Understanding place value helps children compare numbers with multiple digits, and add and subtract bigger numbers later on.

By learning place value, children in first grade can correctly identify tens and ones in two-digit numbers (e.g. number 67 has 6 tens and 7 ones). This practice is also known as expanded number form.

Worksheets for teaching place value in grade 1 with text overlay

Place value worksheets PDF

When first learning about place value, children usually use manipulatives such as linking cubes or visuals like ten frames. The place value worksheets below are no different – they use pictures to help students count the tens and ones correctly.

Tens and ones worksheets grade 1

For more advanced learning, use these tens and ones worksheets with just two-digit numbers – no more visual hints.